Two Turn Tables, no microphone

Last night went really well, I think. I got over my jitters about an hour through my set and started to enjoy it. It gave me the desire to have my own equipment and to do something more creative than just popping cds in. If I did pursue this I would want to do some stuff with vinyl.
All in all it was fun. I don't know if I'll be asked back to this place, but I'll be talking to the owner soon.
I had many friends show up, some I didn't even invite personally! Thank you to everyone who came...


caffeinator_x said...

This looks really cool... i checked out the place's web site. I've never been a "show" person... more of a club person (M and I met at one 11 years ago... never let anybody tell you 'you can't meet anyone at a bar')

Can't do the club thing ALL the time anymore. I wish there was more places that had a couple couches and a DJ spining.

Amber said...

yes, there should be, wasn't that Funky Buddha place in Denver kind of like that.
The other place my sis took me to was on Colfax, I think, and old building, possibly and old house?
We joked about it being haunted. They had awesome couches.

caffeinator_x said...


"The Lounge", I bet... I LOVED that place. Main room , then a little stair case that led to ANOTHER room w/ couches... that had a little staircase that led to YET ANOTHER little room w/ couches. Plus an outside patio on the upper floor. Of course, it's closed, now.

There's a place called Sputnick on Broadway. I like it, but they have this "AM Gold" night (Neil Diamond, John Denver, "Dreeeeam Wea-ver", etc.), and it's a bunch of 1st teir hipsters who "get" the music in a "cool, ironic way", if you know what I mean

Funky Buddha is a cool building/physical space... I bet I'd even like the music... but the people who hang out there are TOOOLS!

Amber said...

yes, that was the place. damn, that it's closed, I only went that once, but it seemed totally cool.
I just heard from the bar owner that he wants me to dj once a month, so I guess it went well. Cool.
I didn't know about the "Tools" at the Buddha, also only ever went there once.
I kind of felt the same way about the Church. It was a cool space, music didn't shatter my ear drums, they even had trapeze people swinging around with fire or something, but the people sucked ass so bad.

caffeinator_x said...


Regas Christou owns both the Church, and the Funky Buddha, and Vynil, and ever other big money, cool music, crap club in town.

BIG congrats on the regular gig... let's hear it for CREATIVE OUTLETS!!

Amber said...

Since you know I'm friends with Cassie, this probably goes without saying, but I really like Gabor's. Even though I always want to call it Garbo's.
I need more creative outlets that pay, but it's a start.

Hannah said...

Congratulations on a good first night and the acquisition of a regular gig. I wish I could tell you about the clubs here, as there are 100,000,001 or so. However, there are no places with a diaper changing table or quiet nursing space. heh heh....The time to go to a club will come again and when it does Tokyo look out!!! You are welcome to join me. For now, Congrats...

This and That said...

congrats on the gig Spinderella!! Last time I went dancing was to Lipgloss and that was great. You come here, we'll take you out. I actually didn't feel old and they played great brit pop...the beers helped too :)

S E E Quine said...

` YE-AHHH!!! Glad it was awesome! Nice cat gif, too.

cassie d said...

yes yes Gabor's is awesome. The Lounge was my #2 bar. i was so sad it closed. But Gabor's has a new waitress who USED to work at the Lounge, so it's a little like going there again.

wait. no it's not. it's just a painful reminder that it's closed.

So are you DJ Black Petunia for good? how AWESOME!!!

No WONDER you're going to make me some good music to ride my bike to!


cassie d said...

i dig the new photo!

S E E Quine said...

` Blue skin is definitely you!

cassie d said...

wow. i can FINALLY tell you


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