That's It!

So, I was already thinking of a new post when you put that on my comments, Cas.
Ugh, this week has sucked in so many ways. The dog I got is now fast becoming a large burdensome source of stress to me. And my cats, who are trying to tell me of their displeasure by not using their catboxes. The dog needs more attention than I can give it, she's really potentially a good dog, I know it, but she needs a lot of training. And I realized that I also cannot leave town like I used to, for even a weekend without the added $expensive$ of kenneling her.
all week I felt horrible about my secret thoughts of not being able to keep her. And I broke last night after having to wash the bedding AGAIN, and cleaning up the cat residue from the ONLY carpeted area in my house. I called the animal rescue that helped me find her and they're going to talk to the German Shepherd rescue to see if they can find her a good home. I'm not going to take her to a shelter, but I am trying to think of myself as more of a foster-mom than her owner at this point. I am going to sign us up for obediance classes next week. I feel awful though, it's really depressing me, like I'm giving up on her, but I'm so tired of it.
after it all, I can honestly say,
I am not a dog person.
I love animals, but lately I don't even want to have the responsibility of cats, or turtles, or anything.
And so, with this said,
on the way to work today, my car died.
Actually, about 5 miles from work, all the lights came on, it was driving in the winter mode, which only goes about 10 mph or something. And it was making funny noises. I did get to work, and tried to start it again, and it seemed fine. So tried taking it to the car shop and it died.
So, tow truck, and no word of what's wrong with it, possibly til Tuesday, and 1 rental car later.
I feel even more upset.
That's my life Cassie,
I don't even have a funny ending to this one.
No pictures either.


We should've just asked Peewee all along!

if you can't read it
it says:
"Oh, why yes, Mr. President, I believe that the WMDs are in the basement of the Alamo."
I stole this from PlanetDan. I love it.


Hell is other people

Curmudgeon:(Definition) "A crusty, ill-tempered soul who takes a dim and cynical view of persons, events, institutions, human nature and life in general."

I don't like people, not much.
Perhaps I should rephrase that, I don't like very many people. Perhaps I should elaborate upon that quantification.
I only like a few people.
I like most people more than onions, but for anyone that knows me very well, that isn't saying much.
I'm not going to say anything right now that most people do not already know, and maybe even agree with.
People are stupid, as a whole. In fact, I find myself overly amazed when they prove me wrong.
I am a curmedgeon. More so than most old men. Unfortunately I think it may turn me into a hermit someday, and then before I know it I'm going to be a crazy cat lady. Only, I'm not really a horder.
If someone can give me a few credible examples of why I should not be disgusted with humans in general, I dare them. I want to know why there are people who see hope and beauty and even a touch of humanity in their fellow men. There is no humanity in humans, what a fucking dichotomy. Most of them are just scarred up, pathetic little wastes of skin and space.
Prove me wrong. I beg of you
and dare you....



So, on the profile page I can upload my picture, but it doesn't show on my blog, like Cassie's and everyone else's. I think I need to edit the HTML on my template, Tom doesn't think that is where to do it. Help!


Damn punkass hoodlums

So, I went home at lunch to walk to canine. As I was returning to my house a questionable individual started calling out stuff from the bad neighbors porch. I kept ignoring him and then he called out about wanting to sell me something, some kind of floor wipes or something. I said no thanks. He kept trying to ask me questions and I evaded them until the dog was done and then I went inside.
So, I don't live in the best neighborhood, coupled with my paranoia and tendency to worry too much, I began worrying about the other four guys that I noticed hanging about the block. And I started thinking that maybe they were scoping out houses to rob and they saw me leave and then I just couldn't stop imagining them breaking into my house and stealing everything and letting the cats out. Argh!
So, I got back to work and called the cops and said there were suspicious characters hanging about, they said they'd send someone out to check on it.
Am I stupid? Should I leave work to check on things?
I feel quite worried now.


Those Germans!

They're so crazy
Krazy Krauts


Thank you Dan

If it weren't for Planet Dan I never would have understood my condition. In fact I never knew it was one until I found the fainting goat site through Planet Dan. Now, thankfully I know that I have myotonia congenita.
When I am frightened my feet and ankles do this. I have never really fallen over like these silly goats, but I've come close....
You ought to check this website out!
Watch the videos, it's awesome!


Marzipan Babies

Does anyone else find this creepy? I'm assuming the person who started a false claim that these thing are made of Marzipan must have thought so too, and the only way to make it creepier is to imagine eating it....
Snopes discredits this claim, but then when you venture to the website it gets really weird. The only people I can imagine buying these things are ladies that really want babies but can't have them, so they carry a fake, but life-like one around to placate themselves.
I can't seem to get the picture up, so you'll have to go to the link to see what I'm talking about.



So, is it just me, or is Kate striking the Napolean pose here?

or go to the link if you like....


Dying Boy Brought In To Cheer Up Kansas City Royals
September 29, 2005 | Issue 41•39

KANSAS CITY—Desperate to give their last-place, 100-loss team something to smile about, the Royals arranged to have a terminally ill little boy pay a visit to their clubhouse Tuesday. Danny Gladstone, 8, a leukemia sufferer who is expected to live just long enough to see the Royals make a run at setting a franchise record for losses, arrived at Kauffman Stadium at 11 a.m., and was immediately swarmed by players excited to see someone else who wouldn't be around in October. "I can't even explain how uplifting it is to see somebody who soon won't have to put up with the pain and misery anymore," Royals first baseman and team captain Mike Sweeney said. "Even though we have to endure the same terrible fate again come April, Danny, unlike the Royals organization, will be in a far better place." Sweeney concluded the meeting by promising the boy he would ground into a double play for him during that night's game.
Or go


Rat Bastards!

So, last Wednesday it rained here in St. Louis. Not like a crazy rain, or even a windy rain blowing sideways rain. Just some rain, for about an hour. And then maybe some drizzle. But around 7:30pm my internet went out. It has not come back up. The previous Thu. it went out for about 12 hours, following a little rain.
I have called Charter over and over and then want to send someone out to check the line. On Thursday night they said they couldn't get anyone out until Tuesday. And, to complete my aggravation they can only come 1-5, like I don't have a fucking job. When I ask if it'll be credited they are somewhat non-committal and vague about it, they never directly say yes. I am not paying them for almost a week of no service.
The thing that pisses me off is how nonchalant they are about it all. It's really inexcusable manner of running a business. The thing is, they know that people who want cable internet have no choice. They have a monopoly here in St. Louis and probably many other places too. It sucks ass so bad. Does anyone know of a decent reliable, fast service that I can get at home? I really want cable, because we don't have a land line, we use vonage and have no need for a land line, and that would just be another frivolous bill every month.
I hate Charter.
There has to be something better.