Sunday December 14th 7 pm

Saturday December 20th - 5 pm & 7 pm


5209 Waterman Ave (entrance on Lake) $10

A young adventurer seeks the council of Santa Claus on a quest to meet the most inspiring entities of Earth. On his journey to the North, he encounters other unexpected and yet extraordinary individuals: Atnas, the environmental activist; the Snowqueen, guardian of the North; Mrs. Claus; and many creatures and elves.
Interwoven with this experimental film narrative are performances from a cast of St. Louis talent: The Universal Lotus Lovers Acroyoga troupe, choreographers Rebecca Rivas and Carrie Dobsch, movers and musicians Amanda Jokerst, Amber Dover, and Willy Zep, singers and songwriters Mark Pagano and Celia, the Yuletide Express Christmas Choir, Native American flutist and digeridoo player Brad Smith, Emily Hemeyer on dulcimer and improvisational vocals, singer and lovebomb Na-do with her daughter Safa, video mixer Mike Pagano, artist and actor Jeffrey Miller, visual artist and community mover Lyndsey Scott as Atnas, and visionary conceptualist Kelsey LaPoint as the storyteller.
Experience a radical adventure and remaking of the Christmas myth!

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Growing Directions not yet Defined

I have had many journeys, been uprooted, wandered aimlessly and not. Intentionally left everything behind only to find pieces packed away, and have forgotten things that I meant to carry with me. There have been meandering paths that lead to places I've never considered, let alone imagined, and there have also been loops that I've made over and over.
Days go by that I don't even think of the me that I was before I was this me, and times also that I feel that I am still very much the me I always am. Sometimes I get caught up in memories and relive days and moments and slivers of dreams.
I still know what I want and know that I am also only a fraction of the way to becoming who I've always imagined myself to be. And yet I am always just here.
There are gardens in my life, my meditation. I am full in my soul from the beauty that is so unpredictable in this world.
The more roots I am able to grow the more stable and satisfied I become.
The process of this used to scare me, made me feel bound to just one place, one decision, one future. I am beginning to understand that it doesn't have to be that way. I can let these pieces of my life thrive and live more fully in each moment through this realization.
It is good.


Requested by Cassie

Back in some other time, Cassie and I made each other mix tapes. She always made cool sleeves for hers. This was the most treasured sleeve. In fact, I liked it so much that I still have it even though the tape is long gone, lying on some highway where an ex-boyfriend threw it out the window. (bastard)

This is a flat version, the group was actually part of the fold inside.

This is the inside with the playlist. I almost didn't put this part up due to the appearance of the "essay", but what the hell....
The only thing about it, Cassie, is the Brian Adam's clip isn't even noted on here, but I remember distinctly having to fast forward at the end of the second side everytime it came on.

Digging through my box of tapes I felt compelled to listen to them again and then realized I don't even have a tape player anymore.
Nevertheless, I couldn't pass up posting this cover. After all I was going to marry him....


Ode to an Orb

My new favorite fruit is the Blood Orange.

Everytime I eat one I feel like I'm eating a sunset.

I want to have a tree of them, all for myself.


Here Today, Tomorrow, Sometimes

I'm still around, but mostly I'm busy doing this

A Memory Now

Over the years, we grew apart.
I like to think that every time I came back you remembered me.
You'd greet me as though I hadn't be absent for yet another year or more.
We traveled thousands of miles together, and I'll never forget the time you ripped the door off in fear and frustration. You were the only one there with me, stranded in Kansas. You kept me sane on that trip.
Another time that I was leaving, but this time taking you with me, I searched for hours wandering the streets crying out to you, not willing to leave you behind.
I finally did find a safe place for you, and I think you were happy.
You set my standards high and I always held you up in comparison to all the ones that followed you. It's a little silly, but even my husband has your name.
Now, you are my memory. I'm so sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you.
The nights we'd lay in bed while I read a book and all of the other times you gave me comfort, I won't forget.
Goodbye Tomas.


The dry streambed that once contained a branch of the Fountain of Youth

It's been a week.
If you want to slow time down a bit,
Try smoking, if you don't already.
And then quit.
It works.



I have new things.
Here are a few.
In November Dilaram and I got married.
I quit smoking, this is only my fourth day, but it feels like an eternity. I'm determined this time, and yet I still feel like I could relapse at any moment.
We will be going to Hawaii in less than a month. I don't even own a swim suit, but I am advised if I want to see dolphins and sea turtles I need one.
Oh yeah, I also plunged into this new year with good intentions like doing yoga a lot and being healthy. So far I'm off to a good start.
I think it's a vast improvement over how 2007 started off.