Reasons for absenteeism

It's not that I haven't been productive, actually I've got a lot done lately.
First order of business:
I got a new car. I've never had a new car, I've had "new" cars but this is a brand new car.

Uh, and I moved to San Francisco! Actually I've been putting off taking a picture of my own. Mine is exactly like this though, except the windows aren't tinted.
It has this cool part by the stereo that tells me hello (on the display everytime I turn the car on) and that red line does a flashy Knight Rider display. It makes me feel really welcome.

It also has really cool blue lighting mixed in with the red.

I'm thoroughly enjoying my new car and would recommmend the Mazda3 to anyone, especially if you like manual transmissions, as it has a lot of pick up. The automatic wasn't bad either.

It also has a place to plug my iPod right into the stereo without any need for special hook-ups.

Other things that have kept me away:
I've also been pretty involved in a local political campaign and that has taken other pieces of my time as well as energy.
I am also planning something that could be a huge change in my life, and I'm not going to say more until I know for sure, but it involves business plans and stuff like that...

All in all, I'd say this year is starting to get better, but I'm still not placing any bets.



I know I should be finishing the finance report I'm working on, but I had to throw this out into cyberspace.

Do You Know How Goddamn Sexy I Think You Are When You Clean?
It does something special to me inside. Even The Cramps agree.
Now you know the secret way to my heart.


What a bunch of fucking humanimals

I will be the first to admit that I haven't always agreed with what I've seen PETA doing in the public eye. I still felt a soft spot for them because I believed their intentions were good, and their hearts in the right place.

I was wrong. It's sad that people who walk around all self-righteous about helping animals are actually disrespecting them just as much as a person who doesn't give a shit about animals.Peta is sick and they can suck my dick from now on.


New Year, New Post

Dear New Year,
I don't like to be the type to complain, but let me start out by saying you could have made a better first impression. I am very well aware that there are so many expectations from people all over the world, but really, I didn't bother you by making any predictions, any resolutions and hell, I didn't even bat an eye to the departure of last year.
This being said, I have high hopes that you can improve. Seriously? You can only get better from where you started out with me. Let's try to start fresh and make ammends and try to make this year even better than the previous few. I promise to take better care of myself and my loved ones, and I'll try to only use all of your time for good and prosperous activities. I'm not going to bribe you, I'm just saying that you could be a lot kinder in the days to come.
I don't mean this as a threat but if it doesn't seem to be improving soon I'm going to switch to the Chinese New Year and never look back.
Think about it.