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I am lucky that my life has so much beauty in it.
Most of this beauty has nothing to do with other humans.
My partner was unsurprised when I told him that I don't like other people, mostly just plants and animals.
I guess I make it that obvious.
Somewhere in the midst of my existence, I think I'm growing and learning.
This is all I can hope for.



It is hard to get by without a commentary:

This is not an innocent picture.

Time was stopped here,

its laws no longer consulted.

It was denied impact on the developing events,

disregarded and dishonored.


The questions abound

If you were sitting in your house, relaxing, the hour is moving towards 10 pm and you happen to live in a "transitional" neighborhood, such as mine where you hear loud noises on a very consistent basis and on this particular night you hear some pretty nasty sounds coming out of nowhere, but near....what would you guess it to be?
Usually, it's gun shots, this time of year, perhaps fireworks, that's the fun part trying to distinguish between the two. Added to those noises you hear unsupervised children screaming and carrying on, fighting in the street and throwing shit around. There is also the regular drone every few hours of sirens and tires screeching.
You get used to just about anything, I suppose.
Which might explain why my partner and I sat there and kind of muttered "wtf" when we heard this scraping, screeching metallic noise last night. This sound was promptly followed by my neighbor yelling up to our back window that our car had just been hit.
I ran downstairs and found a very large Chevy van attached to the front of our Volvo. Our car had been parked in front of our house but was now close to 30 feet down the street. I recognized the van as the one belonging to one of our neighbors. Said neighbor was fleeing into his apartment as I came out. My other neighbors informed me that he was trying to park and hit our car, got stuck to it, dragged it down the street and then jumped out, grabbed his beer and ran home.
I called the cops and once they arrived we explained it and they went over to his apartment. He had escaped through back door! Drunk!
I don't really understand why he ran, everyone saw him, we know who he is. He had insurance, we think, we're still waiting to hear back from them.
We lament the fact that the car wasn't totalled, as far as we can tell. Now it's just more of a pain in the ass to deal with.
All I can say is that guy is fucking lucky that it wasn't my Mazda he hit. I would have displayed a lot more violence when I saw him fleeing.
I took pictures but they don't quite do justice to the distance that he drug the car.
And he hasn't even come over to apologize. I don't even get the closure, yet, of telling him what a dumb fuck he is.
Maybe I'll get some pictures up a little later.

And, and I know I bitch about my neighborhood a lot, and you're probably saying to yourself about now, "why the hell does she live there?"
That's a good question.

That stupid, motherfucker, cocksucking rat bastard doesn't have current insurance. This is all going to come out of our pocket. I will make his life a living hell as long as he lives across the street from me. What bullshit, now I am really pissed off.


Stella Blues

Well, I did it. It's been coming, I fought it. I even posted it half-assed on Craigslist once, but deleted it.
I haven't rode the Stella in a year. It's sitting there, being wasted, I want to find someone who can physically enjoy it as much as I do in the asthetic and mental senses.
Now it's for real though.
I am sad, but I know that we'll never ride off into the sunset together, the Stella and I.