uh, um this is a joke right?

Ok, this guy is friggin crazy

He's running for Governor of Minnesota. You really must check out his site to get the full impression and also to read his platform. He even has a presidential page!
Hey, if you don't vote for him, he might impale you.

Who the hell is this demon?!


So, I ran across a funny little thing

My favorite part of the "Aliens" is that even the aliens have little bunny ears.
Some of you have probably already seen these, whatever, it's funny.

Funny Bunnies

A movie we've all been watching for far too long...

and with no awards worth mentioning:



What was No.1 on the day you were born?

Mull Of Kintyre / Girls' School - Wings

You Light Up My Life - Debby Boone

The day I turned 18?

One Sweet Day - Mariah Carey with Boyz II Men

Earth Song - Michael Jackson

Damn, that's all pretty sucky.
Are you any better?

One thing that touches me

I have read about this for a few years now. In the article they talk about how people are disrespectful. I think it's a damn shame that people can't let anything remain alive with poetry and signifigance in this world.
I really feel let down when I read stuff about how stupid people are. Like, what would they accomplish by unmasking the visitor.
Can't they leave it alone? Why must these people have no mystery?
It bothers me.
So while this one act of wordless respect really touches me, the reaction to it makes me want to touch the idiots, with my fist or something.



We all have to have goals, or we should anyway.
I've decided to make a list of the things I want to be when I grow up, to help my perspective I suppose:

1. Piano Tuner
2. a wraith or at least an UE
3. Teahouse owner/operator
4. My own personal clothes designer/sewing mistress supreme
5. Linguist or translator of scripts, at least for my own amusement
6. Gardner, esp. orchid grower
7. Cello player

These are just a few things that I want to focus on. Which means I need to quit my job....


Ok, one more

This is great,
A response to A-Ron and Heather:
you decide:
Forbes says that KC is the worst for culture...go figure


and then there is this!
Cass, you're right on the money, you shouldn't be moving! unless you're planning on settling down!
Denver? Single?

Locos got game

Hey, so this is more of a bulletin focused on locomocos wise career choice:

check it out
I applaud you my friend
I'm actually on the "good" list,
at least it's not on the poor list
althought, it's all relative, even though attorney may be on the poor, most of them still make waay more than I do.


This is not the greatest song in the world, this is a tribute

I became painfully aware of how I have not really ever posted a truly devotional piece about the one I love.
So, Dilaram, is for you.

He taught me how to believe in love again, in so, so many ways.
He touches me as no one else ever could; and when he does it feels like that poem that Walt Whitman wrote, about singing the Body Electric.
He has inspired poetry and lots of sentimental stuff that I won't divulge, because it is for him only.
I never really thought much of marriage, and still don't,
but I know that my marriage to him will make all of the reasons that I don't think much of it null and void.
He is my unspoken heart in this world.



SO, I'm posting some pictures from the most fun birthday party I've had to date, really the first "party" I've had for my birthday.

Some of The Attendees

There was much sushi and much dancing,

Many people wanted to dress me, and maybe kick my ass a little

Ok, so I got a lot of really cool presents, my sister came,

my boyfriend kept lavishing me with gifts, including the camera that took these pictures.
The company of many friends, it made all of the holiday crap that followed not as painful. Thank you everyone who shared it with me.