Some Velvet Garden

To quote one of my favourite songs:

Flowers are the things we knew
Secrets are the things we grew
Learn from us very much
Look at us but do not touch
Phaedra is my name (which I named my cat after)

Here are a few images from the garden. It's just starting to explode. I need to get some neighborhood garden pictures.

This year we took out all the grass in the front yard and I decided that on the front of one side I wanted to plant a butterfly/honeybee garden so we have a little field of flowers with the herbs and tomatoes behind and more flowers in the beds.

I did a lot more seeds this year and most of them have done really well so far. The wisteria was almost killed by the weird weather in April, but it's made a very excellent recovery.

Poppies, I don't have as many as last year, but what I do have seeded themselves.

You may recognize my beautiful assistant, Anya, who was also in last years pictures. In this one you can vaguely see the scar on her face. That's another story I haven't posted about as well. A later post, but briefly, we are back to one dog.



Let this window be your ear.
I have lost consciousness many times
with longing for your listening silence,
and your life-quickening smile.

There is a way between voice and presence
where information flows.
In disciplined silence it opens.
With wandering talk it closes.