Here Today, Tomorrow, Sometimes

I'm still around, but mostly I'm busy doing this

A Memory Now

Over the years, we grew apart.
I like to think that every time I came back you remembered me.
You'd greet me as though I hadn't be absent for yet another year or more.
We traveled thousands of miles together, and I'll never forget the time you ripped the door off in fear and frustration. You were the only one there with me, stranded in Kansas. You kept me sane on that trip.
Another time that I was leaving, but this time taking you with me, I searched for hours wandering the streets crying out to you, not willing to leave you behind.
I finally did find a safe place for you, and I think you were happy.
You set my standards high and I always held you up in comparison to all the ones that followed you. It's a little silly, but even my husband has your name.
Now, you are my memory. I'm so sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you.
The nights we'd lay in bed while I read a book and all of the other times you gave me comfort, I won't forget.
Goodbye Tomas.