Bowing out

Dear Pentarchy,
Please accept this as my resignation. I am sure you will find a fast replacement that is better suited to your needs. What can I say, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
But not really, it wasn't really that dramatic or epic.
I will continue to post here as a solo agent.
Take care and have fun slinging mud.
I will leave you with the really nice link to an article that pretty much sums up everything that led up to my resignation.
37 million poor


By the balls, the frozen balls

Dilaram and I went out of town this weekend to say goodby to a good friend who is moving to Portland. When we got back yesterday afternoon it was frigid in the downstairs part of our house. I thought this was odd since the heat was actually on 65, much higher than the thermostat upstairs. I know heat rises so I just turned it up to 70 and commenced cleaning. Because I was moving around I didn't realize how chilly it truly was becoming with the sun setting until I went upstairs and it felt toasty. So I went in the basement to check on things and lo! the furnace that heats the first floor is not even on. I tried everything and it just won't turn on. It's cold and now all my plants are starting to look real unhappy. Of course this happens when it's below freezing weather, not last week when it was almost 70 for a few days.
When I called the gas company phone number that was on my furnace they informed me that they won't even come look at it until I pay the balance of my bill.
*Background Info* We received a gas bill for December for $550 dollars! A guy from the gas company came out on Jan 4th and read the meter which is inside.. So I called them back and asked that they come read it again. They realized they screwed up majorly at some point and our bill for January ended up being $94. How does that work, how do you go from 550 to 94. It's not like it's been really warm for the past few months. I think something is still wrong. ANYWAY, regardless, we haven't paid our whole balance and I know we need to get on budget billing. I'm just so irate at this point that if we didn't have a gas dryer and oven I would let them shut us down and buy some fucking space heaters.
The upside to the furnace not working? I guess my gas bill will go down...ha, it better.


You must watch

This is ingenious, well-done.
Thumbs up.
Brokback to the Future

The stuff of Dreams/Reflection

So, awhile back A-ron was talking about how he is a true believer. Perhaps this is a matter of semantics, but I think fundamentally it's similar. I can't say that I'm a true believer, but I am a dreamer. If you broke down everyone's inner hopes, we may all have similar dreams for the worlds that exist in our hearts. Our dreams may all coincide nicely. What I dream and imagine is probably not all that different in some sense from A-ron's, Locos or even (gasp) numerous villified political icons that we won't name.
I think some of the differences are noticed in the acting out of these dreams and hopes for the world. Much of my dream consists of stuff right out of"Imagine" by John Lennon . I really do want the world to be peaceful and for no one to suffer. A bit high on the improbabality scale? maybe. But that is my dream, and I do not really have a true belief in that happening. This dream has nothing to do with going around forcing my dream on others. It's hard for me to readily accept the possibilty that at the root of it all everyone may have similar dreams to mine, because I look at the world around me and it seems like a total paradox to the world in my heart and head.
But, some part of me has to be able to see the human side of what I could so easily term evil, or bad because I don't agree with it. And I know that because I am like this inside, because I strive for balance, understanding and acceptance that I am different from some people. The difference being that I do that at all. That I do not blindly see my way as right and any other way as wrong. This is not something that is easy or natural, but I make a conscious effort to try to do this. It creates many internal struggles,
But I am trying. And I hope that at least makes a difference.



And just when I thought my elders didn't have anything to teach me.
This article made me really happy, warm and fuzzy inside.

And I smile


I would like to have one of these

This would be really cool to be able to get away from rat races and cities. And having land in the forest like that would be nice too.
I wonder though, if this kind of thing will end up being like Xanadu?
I'm waiting until he makes the kind with bathrooms in them though.

Here's their website