The truth is what you believe

I've started so many posts this past week.
Some didn't really make it because they were not that interesting, and I lost interest before I finished them. Sometimes I really did have a good thing going, but blogger acted like a spoiled child who couldn't have it's way.
For instance, I saw this a few days ago:
Pup in a pouch

I tried to think of clever things to say, but really it all ran out the side of my head and I realized that it's boring to write about people who carry their little pseudo-dogs strapped to their hip-sacks.
It's not that my life is a boring place, I have so much to do everyday that I usually only spend time online when I'm needing a break from thinking about my life.
It could be due to the fact that I now have an espresso machine on my desk at work and am so wired that I don't surf the web as much because I'm actually working.
Also, I have found the news to be quite droll lately, and even what used to amuse me just leaves me tepid and brain-numb these days.
Perhaps it's that I'm getting older, more jaded and complacent with my station in life. My friend Steph would say it's my Saturn return.
Whatever it is, I think one thing is certain, I crave inspiration.
That and maybe a bunch of cocaine so that I'll be sure to be awake for the moment when it hits me.


caffeinator_x said...

Yeah, I missed mine, too. (8/17, I believe)

perhaps I just didn't want to draw attention to the fact that I've averaged less than one post a week. I'll have to remedy that...

caffeinator_x said...

wHOOPS... that above comment is supposed to go to your Blogday post (happy that, by the way)

As far as THIS post... I feel ya on the "inspiration" thing. The whole point of my blog was/is to create little mini-mythologies of the mundane... but sometimes it just feels plain ol' mundane. When I hit that I just try to write through it.

My "less than a post a week" track record just means I have to try a little harder!

Amber said...

I say, it's quality over quantity, my friend. If we got paid to do this, maybe it'd be different. Another aspect I realized after I wrote this was that I had news to tell in most of my posts, lately everything has been pretty static. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing when it comes to trauma, drama and pain.

This and That said...

there must be some blog bug going around. i started some but ended up putting up a little lame train of thought one. But who cares. It is a blog, it doesn't have to inspire world peace or say something absolutely profound. So yes, both you and Caff X need to write more because I enjoy reading them and it is all about me!!
But seriously, that is a sick little invention the pooch thing. why can't the dog walk? Buy one for Totalvo/Peter!

Amber said...

You mean to carry him in, or his pseudo-dog?
I'm thinking about getting one and putting it on my dog so she can carry ME.

Freilonka said...

I hope this works, I always forget my password on here. Congratulations on being an official dj.... do you think I could still get a couple of cd mixes sent from you? I would love something new to listen to here. And the dog in the pouch thing, may not inspire you, but I laughed really , really hard.