Rasta O'Connor?

I just got back from Chicago. I went up there to spend a few days with Dilaram and to go to see Sinead O'Connor.
I had heard before hand that her new album is completely Reggae, so I went somewhat prepared.
The whole day was kind of tepid. I was really looking forward to going to the Art Institute. I got up early and walked over, as I walked just 8 blocks it got increasingly colder and windier. I had to stop and buy gloves and a hat which helped. I enjoyed the art museum, it's so wonderful there. I am always amazed at the paintings you find as you turn corners. Originals, that you see in text books and art books and to see the real thing is pretty amazing. After having lunch with Dil I went back to the hotel since it was downright frigid at that point. I proceeded to have a few vodka tonics and went back to the room and passed out until Dil got off work. We had to rush to get ready and catch the El(elevated transit in Chicago). When we got to the venue we still had about 40 minutes. As we were walking up to the theatre it looked odd because there were no people and the lights were off. There was a sign on the door that they had moved the concert to some other theatre. As we were starting to walk back to the El, two guys who also were there for the show asked us if we knew where the other place was, they offered to give us a ride. They were the cutest latino couple, and offered us fresh coconut. We got lost for about 30 minutes and barely made it to the concert. Only to find that the reggae band was playing for about 45 minutes before Sinead even came on stage.
I can't even really say what I thought of the concert. On one hand, it wasn't BAD really, but she didn't play one single old song, and for the most part she'd just sing bits here and there since the band spent a lot of time jamming out. The best parts were when she would sing with an acoustic guitar and this freaky dancer girl was on stage singing with her. Overall, it was a slight disappointment, I guess. Even though I've listened to some of it online, the new album, and I like it actually, I just didn't enjoy the concert as much as in the past when I saw her. And just added to a somewhat tepid day.
So, we stayed out late drinking and now I'm going to bed really early.


It's time to tell about the Ice

So, My sweet lover told a bunch of people about our plans so I guess I may as well break the ice and let it be told.
Tom and I decided that we wanted our marriage to be really special. We never wanted anything traditional anyway. After a few months of talking about planning our wedding every weekend to no avail we started to discuss the possibility of going to Iceland for our honeymoon.

And as this idea progressed we started thinking that just getting married and having that be our whole ceremony, the idea grew on us. We both sighed with relief and now it just seems like the right thing to do.
We weren't going to tell anyone, at least not right now.
But SOMEONE had dinner with SOME people and spilled the beans. SO, I'm just going to let it air out before I tell my parents.
I can't seem to get the picture layout thing either.
So, here's a very simple representation of my inspiration. I won't even go into the dream I had over two years ago about me and Tom and glaciers.
Yeah, I know, it's called elopement.


And Now, For Something completely Different

I look at myself
or who I think I am
and I find a jigsaw puzzle, and none of the pieces are of the same picture.
I remember who I was as a child,
I can still feel the embarassment of adolescence.
Sometimes I still miss being a young adult.
But what am I now?
that this sucks, but I'm trying to find my place again.
What is a 27 year old?
What does that mean, anyway?
When I try to measure that with accomplishments, it seems trite and doesn't really fit. That is what most people seem to believe. That when you reach stages, you should have certain things figured out and own things, and have kids, et al.
But that doesn't mean anything. Not to me.
I have to figure out what it means to me.
And until I do,
I am not quite sure who I am.
Maybe that is what a 27 year old is.

End of thought

back to the regularly scheduled sarcasm.
thank you


Monkey what?

So, all this talk of monkeys started me thinking about the etymology of "monkey" and how it is somewhat synonymous with the word "shit" in my mind.
You can pretty much substitute Monkey with Shit in most cases. And they still hold the same meaning.
Don't give me that ___ a)monkey b)shit
you look like ___ a)shit b)monkey ( this can also be followed by ass, another good adjective)
Yeah, she was down on the corner talking ____ about you a)monkey b)shit
you smell like ___ a)shit b)monkey

don't drink that ____! a)monkey b)shit

you get the idea

So, the only varying thing I noticed is that you usually need to preceed monkey with "a" which is obviously points to the fact that most people consider monkeys nouns, what the shit is that about?
so, this is my tribute to monkeys, whether they be on your back, your friends chest, in the latrine, the back yard or the jungle.
oh yeah, and here's your new post
so monkey this

(the most glaring comparison of the two words that I thought of was: you don't want to go spank your shit)

Also, whilst trying to find an image of a good monkey-shit I found this, which made me think of many pirate references which I won't bore you with since this is already my longest post, ever:

The word "monkey" is of uncertain origin; its first known usage was in 1498 when it was used in the literary work Reynard the Fox as the name of the son of Martin the Ape. "Monkey" has numerous nautical meanings, such as a small coastal trading vessel, single masted with a square sail of the 16th and 17th centuries; a small wooden cask in which grog was carried after issue from a grog-tub to the seamen's messes in the Royal Navy; a type of marine steam reciprocating engine where two engines were used together in tandem on the same propeller shaft; and a sailor whose job involved climbing and moving swiftly (usage dating to 1858). A "monkey boat" was a narrow vessel used on canals (usage dating to 1858); a "monkey gaff" is a small gaff on large merchant vessels; a "monkey jacket" is a close fitting jacket worn by sailors; "monkey spars" are small masts and yards on vessels used for the "instruction and exercise of boys;" and a "monkey pump" is a straw used to suck the liquid from a small hole in a cask; a "monkey block" was used in the rigging of sailing ships; "monkey island" is a ship's upper bridge; "monkey drill" was calisthenics by naval personnel (usage dating to 1895); and "monkey march" is close order march by US Marine Corps personnel (usage dating to 1952)


This should make you geeks drool for some toast or something

Each year at the Tulsa State Fair, an artist is commissioned to make a sculpture out of butter. In past years, cows, farmers, and baseball players were created out of hundreds of pounds of butter. This year, in celebration of Star Wars's final episode, TSF is featuring Darth Vader and Yoda, all dairy-like



I just completed my first ever jury duty assignment.. They should call it schmuck duty. It was pretty boring. But sort of interesting, I'm not into reality tv though, and I could tell that most of the people were totally into it in vicarious way. Which is frightening when you consider that they're making decisions that affect other lives.
I don't have much interesting going on at the moment. We worked in our yard all weekend and built a really nice flower bed, still need to do the other side of the yard. It was really hard work. Cassie, next time you need to send some Mexicans over to help!


So obvious!

You are Miyagi from the Karate Kid. You are a
perfectionist when it comes to car detailing,
fence painting and deck sanding. Your wisdom is
tinted with humor and I'm positive you smoke
those little bonsai trees when nobody's

Which 80's Movie Character Are you?"
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