Take the only tree that's left, and stuff it up the hole in your culture

Quite contrary.
I've a baby-blog that will hopefully be documenting the progress on our community garden. In my links, it is Seeds of change, or garden link
I don't know how much I have in me to write here at the moment, but out of necessity I will be making entries on the other blog, which may seem very focused and perhaps even boring or localized. I guess that's what the midwest has given me.



I started doing yoga on Sunday.
I'm so silly to not be active. I always feel 1000 times better.
I never really got yoga before, it was just like stretching before a ballet class for me.
It's different now.
This is an explanation for the dissipation of all the grim words I've conveyed lately.
I won't get all spiritual on here, at least that isn't where I see myself headed.
Just different, and that is good.
Perhaps I won't die of cancer or ennui after all.