Give us a fag, will you?

At the risk of seeming like I'm turning this into a tobacco blog I wanted to say a few more things about the smoking bans that are spreading across the globe, not just our fair country. If you type in "smoking ban" in wikipedia it has a wealth of information on the subject.

A few things that I found interesting:
This article

(English: "Our Fuhrer Adolf Hitler drinks no alcohol and does not smoke.... His performance at work is incredible." (From Auf der Wacht 1937:18)
They were trying to create the Uberman based on HIM?!

I go back to my previous statement that if everyone is so fucking bothered by it, why don't they make it illegal, I mean, Prohibitionworked for alchohol, right? right?

There are many sides to every argument, I don't deny this or say that there are not valid points on each side. And someday, possibly even soon, I may be a non-smoker. This does not mean I want the government or other people who think they're first cousins to god telling me what to do with my body. If I want to put nicotine in or take babies out, this is my temple and I will decide who can worship here.

In other news, isn't this picture awesome? Someday I am going to see a total eclipse in person. This was taken in Russia around noon yesterday, most areas only saw the penumbra, which would be ok with me too.



Two for one

Does anyone else find it ironic that California has some of the dirtiest air
and yet
it's practically illegal to smoke ANYWHERE in Cali?
(excerpt: prohibits smoking in all public places, indoor or outdoor, where anyone might be exposed to secondhand smoke, including outdoor cafes, bus stops, soccer fields, condominium pool decks, parks and sidewalks. Smoking in one's car is allowed, unless the windows are open and someone nearby might be affected.)

So, in summary,
It's ok to drive your 2 ton SUV 1/2 a block to buy baby food and soccer pads for the kiddies, but don't you fucking light up while doing it!

Take note Colorado readers:Elsewhere, the Colorado House gave final approval to a statewide smoking ban Friday and sent the bill to Gov. Bill Owens, who said he will sign it. Colorado would be the 13th state to enact such a ban.


This little clip was quite funny. vinegar feet?It reminded me of so many people, and their nasty habits of eating raw fish.

Actually I love sushi, but not with carcass. I even make it at home.
As I was looking for a few images it hit me at how obsessed people are with these little rolls. The possibilities are quite endless when it comes to how you can utilize them in everyday life.


Because the great Cassie has spoken....

I was told I should post this. I think Cassie is just too obsessed with this website. I'm pretty sure I saw Tom's middle daughter - who just turned 8 - on this website before. Anyhow, here it is.


I want one

This is a pretty cool concept. Although, if you're going to make the effort of walking around your house with a special tool to look at plants, you're probably assertive enough to water them regularly anyway.
Feed me, Seymour.
I suppose it would be more useful for farmers and things of that nature.


Something funny, Something stupid

I usually find bumpersticks somewhat annoying, being that people seem to express anything from their political views, to moral issues to personal philosophies-on their dirty bumper, peeling and fading into mixed messages.

But, I did see one yesterday that made me chuckle to myself:

Practice Safe Sex Just Say No to Sex with ProLifers

and driving to work this morning I was behind a beat-up old truck with plenty of "environmental" stickers about water quality and life quality and earth stuff AND his truck was spewing enough toxic fumes to pollute a small country for a week. I had to light another cigarette just to breath!


Au Lait?

I will be the first to admit that I have a caffeine addiction. I have been known to go to the coffee shop by my work twice in one day. Dilaram has wondered to himself how I could spend 17 dollars in one day at a coffee shop. I have no doubt that living in Portland only escalated this addiction; a place where there is almost a coffee shop on every block, and I don't mean Starbucks either.

So, since I started working at my current job two years ago I have become known at this little shop. It's actually not so little, it's in an old bank, they still have some of the old vaults which you can sit and sup in, it's cool. They also have a great selection of teas-all Republic of Teas, yum. The baristas there know my name and are already making my drink when I come in the door. It's nice, kind of like Cheers or something. They roast all their own coffee and they just started making their own pastries.
Why I am saying all of this? Because today I have an interview with the owner about working there. I'll probably just work on evenings and weekends. As a second job I hope to gain the following: experience that I can use when I open my own shop, free coffee(this is a very good reason), a little extra money. The money thing is not really that big of a motivator since I know I won't make much. But the number one reason? I'll be a cool barrista! yeah. I know silly, but I always like all the barrista girls there, and I just want to be that cool.