Caffeine & Fags hate TicketMiser*

No, I'm not talking about the cafe that flamboyant denizens frequent.
I'm refering to my date at the Orpheum on Friday night. Although Ticketmaster tried to thwart this, we were able to procure two more tickets in spite of them. We found out yesterday that what will now and forever more be referred to the corporate conglomerate - TicketMiser - cancelled one of our orders. We were only allowed to buy two tickets at a time. So we did it twice, we received two confirmations, and all was fine. But as the credit card statement pointed out; they had, with no notice to us, refunded one order. When we called them they said that in the fine print they reserve the right to cancel any order.
There are many suspicious things about what they told us, because on Ebay there were quite a few people that were able to purchase well over two tickets - more like 5 even - with no problem. I am not sure what TicketMiser is up to, but they are surely screwing people over by cancelling tickets and selling blocks of them to ticket brokers after the show sells out, at which point they make twice as much money.
I'm not sure if this is the case, but it's very fishy.
Never the less, we will be going to the show with our friends. So screw you TicketMiser, you monopolizing fiend.

*Please note that the title of this post is not aimed at CaffX, this is actually a reference to a great movie that Mr. Waits was in - "Coffee and Cigarettes"


This and That said...

you get it out girl, go throw a mel gibson!!! have a great concert...I think it seems fishy too....

S E E Quine said...

` The word isn't what it seems. Check out the URL of this website and I think you may find the blood draining from your face.

` They've captured us all!

cassie d said...

what crap-azzez.

so where does it say they have a right to cancel any order? maybe next time you order from them, you try to strike that from your contract.

at least you are still going....
i guess. that just sucks!!!