So, I found an article today that reminded me of one long-gone ex. I couldn't believe how much it resembled him so I must post it. Some one out there might know of whom I speak. God, I could've written this article! Down to the last line ending in "cake hole". Even the picture looks somewhat similar! As a side note, another article in this issue sounds a lot like one of my co-workers!



So, I've been thinking about getting a dog. I might be trying to meet this little beauty today.

I'm not sure what will happen. It broke my heart to hear that she's in the city pound. Awful places that they are. I'm actually excited about possibly having a dog again. I haven't raised or trained one since back in the Guide Dog days.



One of the coolest and perplexing things I've seen in awhile:

This is the home of The Hire, a series of short films created by Hollywood’s finest talent.

What is "The Hire"? I'm sooo in the dark.

A co-worker was kind enough to show me the Beat the Devil short film this morning. It starred James Brown and Gary Oldman. It's maybe 5 min. long, maybe a little more. It had a certain True Romance, Tarantino kind of feel to it. I had no idea that BMW was cutting into the short/indie film market. It was good and I plan on watching the others. Had anyone ever heard of this before?
To watch them you have to register your name and email, but I think it's worth it....

And there is a comic series with Dark Horse about this "Hire" guy too. And of course as I delve deeper I find that one of the directors is John Woo,
I should'a known.
Man, what a world we're all missing out on, no owning BMWs! They don't make cool films through Volvos that's for sure.


Idle Ideal

As Loco Mocos said, Seattle was very cool. It far exceeded my expectations. I also want to move there. I think all of the friends that we met out there left with similar feelings. What I found the most enticing about the concept of living there were the people. They were genuinely nice, helpful and cool. They behave as though they had nothing to prove and they just seemed happy to live in Seattle which is the way I would feel if I lived there too.
So here's to recruiting all my loved ones to Seattle, that way I don't have to keep travelling all over to see them.
Pretty soon I'll have a picture up, hopefully, and something more to say. At this point, I'm just feeling sad to be in MO again, and god the humidity got so much worse after a little fresh air.
Oh, except this,
I've been on here almost a month and I haven't heard anything more about this stupid secret society dubbed "the threes"


Burn a Man

This reminded me: although I know it will be a national tragedy when they lay me low, and the motorcade might even be five miles long. I want to have a hell of a wake. Actually a viking funeral is what I really want.
Can I be the burning corpse? Please?