A Tangible Presence

Today the air outside is close, you can feel the mist and almost, out of the corner of your eye, see it. It is like walking in a cloud, but you can only tell that you are by looking in the distance. Up close it is not discernable, which causes everything to take on a surreal fuzziness. In this smudged reality things ironically grow sharper, in my mind. It makes my own existence a little more tangible. I am able to see myself in the distance, as a fog, and with this little piece of enlightenment I can stop looking at each small speck, grasping so desperately to see the specks for what they are, and realize that I am in the midst of it.
Today, the atmosphere gave me a gift of myself.


Anonymous said...

very beautiful and poetic

Anonymous said...

very beautiful and poetic

cassie d said...

i love the last line!
makes me feel peaceful!

although atmosphere like that never makes me see myself clearly. if anything i get lost in the mist and start to think of possibilities coming out of the fog - as opposed to realizing reality in it.
i can never see past the smudginess.....

heavy sigh.

This and That said...

I took a breath after your poem....which is good thing...very peaceful! love the pic that goes with it. but it makes me not want to work today.

Hannah said...

fog, a tangible haze like life. great meditation. beautiful picture, too. a deep breath for me as I go into the dark night.

Anonymous said...

` Details going away bring the larger picture into focus for me. Atmospheres are sometimes nice like that ^^