Cassie, how did you get this bear all the way out here from Gabors?

I found this really funny, UNTIL I saw that stupid wildlife lady shooting bean bags at the bear. What the hell, the bear is drunk, you want to torment it?
I have had friends like that....

Too much Fat Tire with the Cassinator

And on World Animal Day no less!


This and That said...

Thanks for your comment...I decided to tell you all what it is about and stay with my blog. check it out...but be warned it is a longer entry.

cassie d said...

holy crap!
that poor baby!

i laughed my AZZ off at that video!

i can't believe he ate 20,000 calories of fermented apples! that's like 100 beers!

i sent that to everyone in my office!

cassie d said...

and you're right, i think every time we hang out - we get drunk like that, and someone tries to shoot bean bags at us!


bt said...


Cassie: enabler of friends and bears

Amber said...

Thank you BT, I couldn't have said it better myself. Coincidence? I think not.

cassie d said...

Enabler? Moi?

that's pretty funny, seeing as how all of us, after the 80th beer, says, "Less do shhhhotsssss!"
and everyone replies, "Yessssth!!!"

i'd like to think i'm more of an ideas lady!

Anonymous said...

` I've seen drunk monkeys and drunk elephants (a la over-ripe fruit) but never drunk bears! That's so sad and funny at the same time!

Anonymous said...

I read a comment you posted on Urban Review about your desire to start a fresh-foods market on Cherokee. I have been in conversation with and have the support of a couple of people regarding the same, including the alderman and some property owners. The converstation came to a halt when one of the women I was working with from the Business Incubator moved on to another job (not to mention everyone is very busy and taking on another project is well, taking on another project). I would love to pick up the conversation again. If you are interested, would you please email me at wildermanm@iistl.org

This and That said...

I have no idea what fresh foods market this is...but come over to the South side!!! South Cherokee area,...otherwise known as the Overland Park area!!!We are looking for good businesses to inhabit this area near Lightrail and Evans.

This and That said...

hey...no way did I respond thinking this was Cassie's blog...okay it has been a LONG day. Anyways, we have a Cherokee street here in Denver so that was what I was talkin about in the previous post. Sorry about the brain fart!

as far as St. Louis...go to the ballet! my dad said they lost more money on Swan Lake than expected. Hopefully the rest of the season will be successful to make up for it.

Amber said...

That really sucks that they lost money T&T. I wanted to go, I just have so much neighborhood stuff going on that it's like my new second job. Maybe I can franchise out once I get my first market going.
Damn! I released my secret plan to take over the world.

GORN said...


Amber said...

Gorn, you need to chill out. The planter isn't even done yet.

"Gorn individuals and Gorn Society as a whole are not given to sublety, and thus they prefer to persuade by physical domination."

No shit, let me tell you, if this is true as well as "Even Gorn engineering is of the 'push hard until it moves' variety..." you need to get your ass out here and help with the digging.