Only it's a fairly chilly October night, other than that, times don't change that much

It's now time for a little Chinaski

ground zero

the consensus is that this is a difficult time,
perhaps the most difficult of times:
large groups of people in cities
all over the world are
protesting that they'd rather not be
treated like shit.

but whoever's in control
will not listen.

the suggestion is that, of course, it's
only one power fighting another power
and the real power, of course, is in the hands
of the few who run the nations
and their need is to protect those many things
that belong to them.

it is conceivable that these few rulers
will escape
when the final eruption begins;
they will escape to their safe havens
where they will watch
the eruption to its finish,
and then after a reasonable wait
they will return
again and
will begin building
a new ridiculous and grossly
unfair future.

which, to me, is not a very
happy thought
as I crack open a can of beer
on a hot
July night.

C. Bukowski(who else?)

I'll drink to that...


Hannah said...

sitting in my living room tonight, there was a breeze blowing the smell of stale sake into my house. i pictured a drunk man standing outside the window, looking in at us, breathing stink in at us. me as I watched my movie and my husband as he read news on his computer. i thought about how the screen was a poor barrier between someone wanting to get in, and me wanting to go out.

Denny said...

its this kind of thing that reminds me why i drink inth first place