A perception of doors - the conundrum

This post should also be titled, my stupid, fucking closet doors, but I'm trying to cut back on my profanity.

Months and months ago I began to plan a new look for the closet doors in our bedroom.
When we moved in last year one of the things at the top of my list of what I hated about the house were these doors. I didn't take a good before picture, but they looked almost exactly like this,

except they had awful dirty-white plastic knobs.

I felt like I was sleeping in a h/motel everytime I looked at them.

The only solution was Deconstruction. We ripped all the louver-things out first.

Then I painted them black.

At this point, I began the true "learning experience" phase. I picked out a fabric that I thought would work out well and spent the past two weeks finding the best way to get it to stay on there. In the middle I ran out of fabric and felt like sticking a few of the de-louvered planks through my forehead when I couldn't find more of the same fabric. Luckily, I did.

So here is what they look like now, they're not perfect, but I'm going to let them sit there and grow on me. See, the sad thing is last weekend when I went to Illinois to get more fabric I found all these really awesome fabrics with asian designs and now I have a totally new and improved vision in my mind. Anyway, for now, I'm done.

Now that they're done, I Really want to paint my room. Yellow sucks.

~Special message for Thisandthat~ I am fully aware that this post does nothing to dispell your belief in my Martha Stewart-like tendencies.


This and That said...

ha...no problem....Martha! But seriously that is f$%*ing impressive. what about a light green olive color or sage color for the room?

Amber said...

I'm kinda shying away from that because my kitchen -which almost half the downstairs- is a sage greenish color. I'm thinking more like a dusty purplish-indigo. I'm not sure yet, but trust me, there will be a new color soon. Yellow makes me feel like punching someone

cassie d said...

Well you know the color yellow instigates anger - which is why most arguments happen in the kitchen.

I think the doors look great. And i love the mental picture you've created of you sticking louvred planks into your forehead.

It's how i picture you daily.


Anonymous said...

Can we hire you? Our bedroom closet doesn't even have a door on it. Nice job-


Amber said...

Thanks Jade, and yes, I can be hired. As much as I got frustrated, I actually enjoyed doing this quite a bit.

Hannah said...

Way to break through a barrier, literally!I think some Japanese print would look really nice, but the fabric you chose is nice for the time being.

I agree that the yellow has to go.Blech...Do you notice an increased frequency of fighting or thoughts of fury in your bedroom because the walls are yellow? My kitchen has never been yellow, but I do fight there a lot, when I think about it. Maybe I am angry at being the one who has to cook and clean all the time. I do most of my bitching while standing in the kitchen. Either way, yellow is the pits.

By the way, I hate purple..especially purple rooms. But it is your room, and I will never be forced to sit in it and choke in the purple, so by all means go with the light purple.

Amber said...

NO, not light purple at all, my friend. I still have all this red paint left from the dining room, but I'm not sure I want a red bedroom either. If it's "purplish" it'll be more indigo. I'm undecided.
Do we fight more there, not really more than anywhere else. However, the whole house except the two rooms I've painted so far are yellowish, so most of the house is fair game. I bitch equally in all rooms about how I'm the only one who cleans.
I thought I told you that about yellow kitchens, years ago, maybe I told my mom, but I had heard that.

Denny said...

very impressive amber

Hannah said...

just wondering why you would want to cut back on your profanity. are you pro-censorship? or does using profanity raise your aggression level? Just curious...

Amber said...

I don't really want to cut back, I am just trying to make this a good, clean, fucking family-friendly blog. Seriously though, I am not really cutting back, in fact I'm sure my boyfriend's kids here new phrases all the time and I don't even notice until after it slips out.

Anonymous said...

` Nice! I wanna be more into that kinda stuff now! Especially since we only have one door in our apartment (the bathroom door).
` My first thought was that a lovely minty green would go with that. But that's just me. Dark purple is nice. Light purple sux - I had a light purple bedroom when I moved from my parents' room when I was nine until I moved out at 22. So that's... 13 years of lavendar! And being abused at the same time! Evil!