Hooray for Cassie and Dilaram

Here's another list about jobs and stuff. Cassie, as you see, you're on there, but who is working the number one job?
Dilaram, my partner, boyfriend, fiancee and protagonist of my love life.


Stupid link isn't working right.
Sadly but not suprisingly my job isn't even on this list. I like how they tell you why they chose the jobs they did.


cassie d said...

HEY!!! That's not what i get PAID!!!!!

Denny said...

actually my job wasnt listed either, is that good or bad ?

Laura said...

Check it out; I totally picked the right field:

Lawyer 14.97% $153,923

I can buy anything my little heart desires. Amber - I'll buy you a litte coffee shop next to my firm so that I have an endless supply of coffee on my late nights!! :-)

Amber said...

That sounds awesome Laura. I am currently stuck in Chicago waiting for a flight that looks like it'll not be until morning, but this delay gave me a chance to go to a really cool place Marshal McGearty's. It's a tobacconist that also has a bar and will soon be one of the only places in Chicago that you can smoke inside of. I'll do a post of it when I get home. So, we could always have a coffee shop/tobacconist shop.

S E E Quine said...

` I hate you. Because I'm poor. And because I am reduced to posting things like destroying bunnies. And plenty of other things.

Amber said...

Don't hate people for their money. That's silly, they might give you some, seriously.

Denny said...

really. I hate people because they are awful in general, however i can be bribed.

Laura said...

Nice, Denny - almost poetic.

Sounds like you are having a crap time, Amber... but hey, at least you get to smoke. That's always good. Can't wait to hear all about your trip!! Hope you have way more fun than you should... enough for us poor saps sitting at home totally engulfed with what we will write in our next blog. :-)