That's It!

So, I was already thinking of a new post when you put that on my comments, Cas.
Ugh, this week has sucked in so many ways. The dog I got is now fast becoming a large burdensome source of stress to me. And my cats, who are trying to tell me of their displeasure by not using their catboxes. The dog needs more attention than I can give it, she's really potentially a good dog, I know it, but she needs a lot of training. And I realized that I also cannot leave town like I used to, for even a weekend without the added $expensive$ of kenneling her.
all week I felt horrible about my secret thoughts of not being able to keep her. And I broke last night after having to wash the bedding AGAIN, and cleaning up the cat residue from the ONLY carpeted area in my house. I called the animal rescue that helped me find her and they're going to talk to the German Shepherd rescue to see if they can find her a good home. I'm not going to take her to a shelter, but I am trying to think of myself as more of a foster-mom than her owner at this point. I am going to sign us up for obediance classes next week. I feel awful though, it's really depressing me, like I'm giving up on her, but I'm so tired of it.
after it all, I can honestly say,
I am not a dog person.
I love animals, but lately I don't even want to have the responsibility of cats, or turtles, or anything.
And so, with this said,
on the way to work today, my car died.
Actually, about 5 miles from work, all the lights came on, it was driving in the winter mode, which only goes about 10 mph or something. And it was making funny noises. I did get to work, and tried to start it again, and it seemed fine. So tried taking it to the car shop and it died.
So, tow truck, and no word of what's wrong with it, possibly til Tuesday, and 1 rental car later.
I feel even more upset.
That's my life Cassie,
I don't even have a funny ending to this one.
No pictures either.


S E E Quine said...

` Eh, that sucks. I'm glad I don't have a dog - especially since my cat would have a hissy fit. I mean, there's nothing wrong with them, they just kind of freak me out.
` That sucks that your cats consider your only carpet as their preferred litter box.
` Also, my car's going to be in the shop for a couple more days... my story is fortunately a little funny or at least it was going to be before it was spontaneously erased.
` Gr. How do I put links in here...?

` I need to ask A-ron. He's so nice about that.

Aaron said...

Link to quines post

Aaron said...

Amber, I think you'd get along with a small dog much better. I would suggest a dachsund or a min pin. I had a min pin for a while, and he was a wonderful dog.

S E E Quine said...

` Or a Pomeranian! They were bred by the Chinese to look like little lions... but then again, so were pugs.

Amber said...

Thanks, but no. I like big dogs, I really wouldn't consider getting any other kind of dog aside from a German Shepherd. Although, I do like Whippets, I thinks that's how it's spelled. I don't like small yippy dogs.

S E E Quine said...

` Oooooh! That's the kind of dog we might get! It's easier for me to freak them out than they are to freak me out.
` Also, they're CUTE, good little sniffy hounds.
` And just big enough to be a match for our giant cat.

` BTW... trying out making a link... if you're interested, try checking out how EVIL I am!!! Mua ha ha ha!

S E E Quine said...


` Sorry, just using your comments page as a guinea pig.

` Cuz I'm so EVIL!!!!

cassie d said...

ambo ambo ambo.....

looks like you are ready for a little R & R.

well, get ready cause you and tom are coming to KC on the weekend of the 11th, right? Tony said you could stay with him.....

Hemingway - i'm sorry you have been having such a crappy week. i know how you feel.
i'm sorry you can't keep your puppy. That really sucks. i know how much you like german shepards. but if you really want a dog (and maybe later on you might want to get another one) the best kind to get are older abandoned dogs. they need attention, but not as much as younger dogs - and despite what they say, they are just as trainable as young dogs. maybe the German Shepard rescue might have some older dogs you could 'trade' with....or maybe you could adopt a well trained seeing eye dog, like you used to. Those dogs are up for adoption after a few years, right? Maybe the rescue knows of a number you can call....

as for whippets - thos are smaller greyhound types of dog, right? maybe there's an option for adoption....greyhounds are already trained (except for Santa's Little Helper!) ;D

But i agree. If you don't have TIME to spend with a pet, you certainly shouldn't have a dog. And your kitties poop problem will definately become more of an issue which could be damaging to your hardwood floors and tile....
Maybe you should just keep the cats for now....
but it IS nice to have a dog if you are uncertain about your neighborhood....
well, think about other options and just think about this: it's better to realize you CAN'T take care of her, than denying it and continue to not have time for her. i think you're doing the right thing at the right time.

that sucks about the car. you won't know till tuesday? boo.

Are you taking Tom's kids out trick or treating?

Amber said...

hmmm, where to start.
I decided this weekend that I'm going to keep trying with my dog-Anya. She was a lot better this weekend, and so far the cats haven't done anymore bad stuff.
We'll see. Unfortunately this means that I can't go out of town until we have money to kennel the dog while we're gone, which we don't right now.
I haven't heard about the car yet, but thinking about it I realized that the rental car we have is about 100 a week, with what we pay for the car payments and insurance we'd actually save money just renting a car weekly, or monthly, is that not fucked up? Yes, it is.
No, about Tom's kids, he has the Bitch do all that,
what you think she'd actually let us create holiday memories with them? shyeah, right.
Anyhow, hope you had a good Hallow party, I'm just going to be hanging with the animals, I seriously feel like I have a little farm when I get off work. Feed the dog, walk the dog, feed the cats, feed the turtles. Clean the cat box, give the Amber beer. It's endless.

cassie d said...

how about THIS? I really want to go to Budapest!

or would you like more of THIS? I want to visit Nice and sit on the beach while drinking Sea Breezes!

But i would LOVE to go HERE as well. Actually, Florence or Venice would do nicely, too!

We had better start researching!
heh heh heh....

Amber said...

I would really love to go to Barcelona.
But Prague would be cool, and Provence, so many places. I've always wanted to go to Turkey too.....

S E E Quine said...

` I wanna go too!

` I also wanna go with some other people traveling to Europe and stuff, but no... It's their own thing.

` Gr.

Amber said...

Well, I really want to go to Vancouver again, BC that is. It's awesome. We actually wanted to have our wedding there originally.
Hey, Cas,
BT said I could bring the dog out next weekend. So I think Tom and I will be coming out there to hang out with you crazy cats!

bt said...

I find that I get a much bigger kick from going places than saying I want to. I will admit that the places all of you have listed would be really frikin cool, but I will settle for a weekend drinking margaritas on a beach in FL or snorkling in Hawaii this winter. I invite people, but they say the never have the money, and I feel the pain there, but I find that for the sake of my mental health, I can't afford to NOT go.