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Dying Boy Brought In To Cheer Up Kansas City Royals
September 29, 2005 | Issue 41•39

KANSAS CITY—Desperate to give their last-place, 100-loss team something to smile about, the Royals arranged to have a terminally ill little boy pay a visit to their clubhouse Tuesday. Danny Gladstone, 8, a leukemia sufferer who is expected to live just long enough to see the Royals make a run at setting a franchise record for losses, arrived at Kauffman Stadium at 11 a.m., and was immediately swarmed by players excited to see someone else who wouldn't be around in October. "I can't even explain how uplifting it is to see somebody who soon won't have to put up with the pain and misery anymore," Royals first baseman and team captain Mike Sweeney said. "Even though we have to endure the same terrible fate again come April, Danny, unlike the Royals organization, will be in a far better place." Sweeney concluded the meeting by promising the boy he would ground into a double play for him during that night's game.
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Aaron said...

Amber, I'm already upset enough about how the Royals did this year. I'm getting even more upset about how the Chiefs are doing this year. Please give me a break, thanks.

Amber said...

Well, maybe we could get this dying boy to come see you before he dies, would that cheer you up?
You know I put that up there for you, don't you? I broke my second cardinal rule by posting about sports, the first being politics, just for you. That should cheer you up.

Aaron said...

That does cheer me up Amber. I feel special. I still think you really hate me though.

Amber said...

No way! Actually you balance things out and make me not look like such a predictable liberal.

Aaron said...

I do what I can :)

I'd like to think that you're not predictable. I'd also like to think that you're not as liberal as you say you are. I don't like to label people, except with their names.

cassie d said...

okay ambo and a-ron -
let's take this little emotional cry fest and piss on it like a pair of rank gym socks.

Like that feeling? Now go suck on a wet hair ball the size of a jawbreaker.


get this love outta my face!!!!

cassie d said...

whew. i don't know what came over me!

what i meant to say, was that i love you both for your uniqueness!


Amber said...

whatever, ms. black.
I've never peed on gym socks so I wouldn't know what it feels like.

Aaron said...

LOL!!! That was some funny shit! I have never pissed on gym socks either...not on purpose.

I was aware, however, that we were engaged in a 'little emotional cry fest'.

Amber said...

That's it, from now on you can call me bitch-slap petunia, no more niceness from me, you thought I was sassy?! You've not seen a damn thing yet.

cassie d said...

it's gettin' hawt in he-yah!
So take off all yo clothes!!!


the heat is on!
du du da duh duh-
da duh duh da du!

jason said...

I pissed on some gym socks once....it wasn't pretty. Evidently I thought my hamper was a toilet one night when I was really drunk. I found out the hard way the day. Ahhh...those were the days!