Rat Bastards!

So, last Wednesday it rained here in St. Louis. Not like a crazy rain, or even a windy rain blowing sideways rain. Just some rain, for about an hour. And then maybe some drizzle. But around 7:30pm my internet went out. It has not come back up. The previous Thu. it went out for about 12 hours, following a little rain.
I have called Charter over and over and then want to send someone out to check the line. On Thursday night they said they couldn't get anyone out until Tuesday. And, to complete my aggravation they can only come 1-5, like I don't have a fucking job. When I ask if it'll be credited they are somewhat non-committal and vague about it, they never directly say yes. I am not paying them for almost a week of no service.
The thing that pisses me off is how nonchalant they are about it all. It's really inexcusable manner of running a business. The thing is, they know that people who want cable internet have no choice. They have a monopoly here in St. Louis and probably many other places too. It sucks ass so bad. Does anyone know of a decent reliable, fast service that I can get at home? I really want cable, because we don't have a land line, we use vonage and have no need for a land line, and that would just be another frivolous bill every month.
I hate Charter.
There has to be something better.


cassie d said...

so they weren't clear about if you'll be paying while the service is down? what a bunch of JERKS!!!!

you should deduct the weeks worth of service and send a note of all the times you've tried to get someone to come out and fix it!!

Assholes!!! Too bad i don't know any other providers in your area! i bet A-Ron will know (it's his new job n' all....;D)!

Amber said...

I think we're going to go with Speakeasy.net
It costs more, but they sounds really cool, they're out of Seattle and we'll have a lot more capability of hosting our own photos and stuff.
check 'em out.

cassie d said...

hey! i just wrote a post about Mirror Mask! We saw it on Saturday! What did you think?

Amber said...

Loved it.
Visually, story/plot, characters.
It was great, I haven't thoroughly been transported like that since I watched the Labyrinth when I was like 10 or something. I was just happy the Mr. McKean and Gaiman didn't disappoint me, as I love everything they do.

Aaron said...

You and I are in the same boat Amber. Time Warner is the only cable-based racket in town. Cable is the best way to go. It's not worth the extra money to get a home phone so you can have phone line based DSL. It would be slower and more expensive. Good luck trying to get them to credit your bill.

Amber said...

hah, I know. We just started a contract with Speakeasy. I've read and heard only good things about them. I'll let you know how it goes, they're a little more expensive, but hopefully worth it.

cassie d said...

i like chocolate.

Amber said...

uhhh, is that you're new way of saying NEW POST?!

cassie d said...


i just wanted to join in the convo, and there wasn't much for me to say....


So what are you and Tom doing for Halloween? Are you going as a sexy cat, and he will be a giant cat toy?


Amber said...

Ha, no, that would just be our normal costumes anyway.
We haven't really discussed it actually, I don't know if we'll be doing much since he'll in Chicago on the actual day, perhaps the weekend before we'll go dig up a grave or something.