Hell is other people

Curmudgeon:(Definition) "A crusty, ill-tempered soul who takes a dim and cynical view of persons, events, institutions, human nature and life in general."

I don't like people, not much.
Perhaps I should rephrase that, I don't like very many people. Perhaps I should elaborate upon that quantification.
I only like a few people.
I like most people more than onions, but for anyone that knows me very well, that isn't saying much.
I'm not going to say anything right now that most people do not already know, and maybe even agree with.
People are stupid, as a whole. In fact, I find myself overly amazed when they prove me wrong.
I am a curmedgeon. More so than most old men. Unfortunately I think it may turn me into a hermit someday, and then before I know it I'm going to be a crazy cat lady. Only, I'm not really a horder.
If someone can give me a few credible examples of why I should not be disgusted with humans in general, I dare them. I want to know why there are people who see hope and beauty and even a touch of humanity in their fellow men. There is no humanity in humans, what a fucking dichotomy. Most of them are just scarred up, pathetic little wastes of skin and space.
Prove me wrong. I beg of you
and dare you....


jason said...

Examples of humanity:
1. Anyone who researches the fundamental of physics for no other reason than to "know"
2. Anyone that has strove to understand why things are the way they are.
3. Some, but not all, doctors and health care workers, researchers, etc.
4. People that volunteer at homeless shelters.
5. People that work at halfway houses, safe houses, women shelters, etc.
6. Anyone that has gave a homeless person money or a meal.
7. Anyone that has given food to a stray animal.
8. Some, but not all, teachers.
9. People who pick up trash on the side of the road.
10. People who donate money to charities.
11. Anyone that helps another selflessly in time of need.
12. Volunteer firemen

That's just off the top of my head. Notice how the list includes mostly people that either think or act for the pure sake of the act itself. The common thread is selflessness.

I don't know the series of events that has led you to think this way. I'm sorry you haven't seen the beauty of what a human can be. I'm awestruck when I think about the potential each of us has as a species. Humans can adapt to just about any situation thrown at them. That alone, is amazing to me. We also have the power to guide our actions to effect the future like no other species. Now granted, I totally agree that humans can be complete horrible.....quite a lot are......but some aren't, and that's enough.

Amber said...

Oh. let me say one thing though, not in response to you Jason, I'll get to that later.
My tirade had Nothing to do with the fact that I am now a FART. Nothing I tell you. Sadly I am so sarcastic at this moment that I may sound a bit well, sarcastic, but I'm a FART, yay.

S E E Quine said...

` I AM A SOULLESS ROBOT. So please do not count me as being human. PLEASE!!!!

` Oh, and what is this F.A.R.T. thing, anyway? I know it's something youse gots between yous, being bestest friends and all...

` Also, I've put up linkses on my blog... though I can't get to A-ron's blog in order to thank him properly via comment, for his generosity in html-sharing. Well, 'properly,' I guess, if that's blogging etiquitte.
` Blogging etiquitte...

Amber said...

FARTS is what happened to The Threes once I came on the scene. Maybe you're crazy enough to join us someday soon. Maybe. I'm not sure I can even make those kind of executive decisions, being new and all.

cassie d said...

yes yes. we have discused if quine should be in F.A.R.T.

F.A.R.T. is 'Four Artists Rendering Thought'. But Quine - if you would like to join we would honorably put your blog link into the FART section, and A-ron would probably come up with some other quirky name for our group.

Let me just say, it's an easy way to navigate on all our blogs - to have all our most visited links in one section.

Silly, i know. But what else are you gonna do with your blogging time? ;D

amber started out in each of our respective "links" sections, and then navigated to The Threes by active participation! I think Quine would make a fine addition? What say you, A-ron? Amber? Jason? New addition (if you want to, quine)? New Name?

cassie d said...

oh. and as for your post, Amber - sounds like you have a case of the Mondays!


Amber said...

It was Tuesday though.
Actually it was going to Shop-n-Save that really did it to me.
And it is just something that runs through my mind probably too often to be healthy.
Seriously though, I appreciate Jason's examples, but I don't find any of them to be so redeeming as to overshadow that slime that oozes from people.
Case in point, I'm surfing through Planetdan's blog and I run across an article about this place in Tennessee that hung an elephant in in the early 1900s for stepping on her keepers head. He was poking and prodding her, not to mention holding her in captivity. I say he deserved it, but the poor elephant was hung, they have pictures! it was awful.
So, I recant, I don't like people.
I do like elephants and maybe should get a whole herd of them to follow me around and squash the heads of offenders.

Amber said...

And as far as Quine,
I say she needs to prove herself a little more. I've been working it for over a month now...

Aaron said...

I agree with you for the most part Jason. Another example of humanity include mothers (my mother is a saint). I don't believe, however, that giving somebody something they can get for themselves is productive for either the giver or the givee. It only encourages bad behavior.

Amber, I'd like to think that you don't really believe everything you just said. I like you, and I believe in the inherent goodness of humanity. You can pretend to be hateful and mean, but I know you have soft spots that make you feel kind and generous.

Yes, Cas, Quine has shown she has what it takes to be a F.A.R.T. I would like to be the first to welcome her into our proud union; that is, if she want's to belong. Say the word Quine, and you will be enshrined among the elite ranks. We could come up with a new name if you'd like. Personally, I like F.A.R.T.(s).

Careful Cas, you're likely to get your ass beat for saying something like that. Tskay - the word verif word.

Aaron said...

Uh oh, dissention in the ranks. Let me be first to apologize to Amber for not getting around to including her in our secret society. You were in long before yesterday Amber.

Amber said...

I do have many spots of caring, I think that is why it bothers me so much that I don't like most people. I feel like I should be able to see the good, but I only see it in the people I like, they are separate in my world/head.

Amber said...

ok, then it's fine by me.

Josh Coast said...

The thing about people, one minute they will help an animal out of a trap, then turn right around and kick a puppy. I can actually remember the first time I felt jealous. I broke my brothers toy because he got one and I didn't. I also remember the time that I went into a burning apartment building to wake people up at 3 am. The thing is, after the jealousy thing I felt guilty, and after the fire thing I felt proud (which can be bad in itself). We do good things, and we do bad things, most of the time we don't realize what we are about to do until its over.

Oh and Aaron, what's up with not wanting to help people? Haven't you ever been in a situation where a little help from someone was what you needed to achieve something independently greater?

S E E Quine said...

` Me? A F.A.R.T.? Ummm, okay! Whateverses! I do tend to come around to your guyses blogs a lot! You wouldn't have to change the name though, four and five both start with 'f'. Though it might sound not so, er, farty if you did. You could switch the name of my blog, though...
` Speaking of ARTISTS... if Edgy takes a picture of my sketchbook tonight like he said he would, I will have some ART out there for you.

` Also, as far as the attitudes of people - I've been through a lot, being abused by my dad, then punished for my resulting behavior. I was also tortured with a bone saw by this guy who refused to apologize and thrown in an institution (where they treated me like garbage) for my acute PTSD symptoms of screaming for painkillers at the E.R.
` I know how horrible people can be! But the ones I live with... Mr. Yummy and Mr. EdgeWalker... they're such nice men that I could kiss them all over. One of them I do occasionally.
` My writer's group has always been good to me, too. They've nurtured my writing talent.

` By the way - way to go with evacuating thoses people, Josh Coast! That's kewl! Once, I put out a fire here... it was on the roof. I saw the smoke and noticed that a bush was on fire because someone had thrown their cigarette on it. (Same thing happened to the community market next door...) EdgeWalker threw some water on it, and then Phil and I came out with huge containers of water as well and splashed that sum'bitch till the flames stopped.
` Nobody at the office even knew about it until I told them weeks later. That could have been a serious mulch fire! Er... yeah.

Anonymous said...

I prefer animals to people, generally speaking. I can watch people get blown to bits, but can't even read an article about animal cruelty or see a sick animal without getting all sniffly. Hell, I can't even stomach watching my cat mentally torture a mouse by letting it roam around, naievely thinking it's free. Anyway, when you feel humans are too shitty, look to the animals. The national zoo has a Pandacam where you can watch their new baby panda sleeping and playing. It is the cutest fucking thing in the world. Google "Panda cam" and "National Zoo." I want one. Do they get along with cats?


cassie d said...


what were those muppets names you put up the picture of?

i used to LOVE them!!!

Amber said...

uh, curmedgeon #1 and #2,
Also known as Cassie and Amber

Amber said...

Really I don't know what their names were, and I want to apologize for this post. I'm over it now, until next time I have to go to the grocery store.

Aaron said...

Yes Josh, helping (giving something to...) people who are not able to help themselves is humane, but encouraging laziness (like giving a able-bodied bum money that he could be creating for himself) only breeds more laziness. Call me a hardass, but I think that is human nature.

S E E Quine said...

` You know, I feel sorrier for the cute little kittycatses than humanses. Even Butters, which probably has PTSD.

` By the way, Amber, I like your new picture. It's... probably much Amberier. Probably because I've met someone named Amber who looks just like you. I remember her name because I've nicknamed her 'Alert Amber' as a mnemonic.
` Also, I've adopted a hit counter from the website where you've gotten yours. Gee, I get more viewers that I thought!

S E E Quine said...

` Oh duh, and I hope you don't absolutely despise humanity again anytime doon.

Amber said...

well, next time I need fruit I'm just going to go to Whole Foods or Trader Joes, at least there they have a higher caliber of jack-asses.
Some one named like me and looks like me? Are sure it wasn't me?
You'd have to compare the award winning wit and cunning charm, that's how one really knows me.

Aaron said...

I like your new picture too Amber. Don't forget your sassiness. You can't know Amber if you don't know her sassiness.

Weird! As I comment on the post called 'Hell is other people', I notice that the counter on your blog reads 1134!!!!! AAHHHHHHH!

S E E Quine said...

` Why? Is it inflating faster than yours has been?
` I've had mine for less than one day... it says '48' at the moment.
` And it's not programmed for hits - it's programmed for individual computers! Woh!

` Hey! There's someone getting arrested accross the street! There he goes, into the car. I wonder what he did...

` Sorry. I tend to write about every little thing that distracts me.

Aaron said...

1134..type it into a calculator and turn it upside down.. hEll!!!!!!!!!! AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Amber said...

I have my own kaballah going on, similar but not identical to the Cas

cassie d said...

No shit.
It's Pure Amboism!
I love the new photo!

and about the grocery store. i agree 100% about the stupid people. Now that your post is in context - i sympathize with your pain - as i HATE the grocery store. That is my least favorite chore to do! i would much rather do the dishes or laundry than actually fight the crazies at the grocery store. I don't know about going to the health food store in hopes of better caliber people though. They're just the same, except they have more money certainly IS a different kind of stupidity. Yikes. I am always sad to see wealthy idiots. I would just stick to going there for the organic produce. But i warn you, you know how i feel about organics. Ultimatley i would encourage you to go to your local farmer's market instead. Whole Foods especially has strict regulations for their 'organic' produce that leaves most organic farmers only selling 20% of their crop. the rest is sold either at farmer's markets or to canning companies who pay far less than their fresh counterparts. All because Richie Rich's mom doesn't want a curly cucumber, or insect holes in her kale.....

okay. sorry.
i like organic food just fine. i just wish it didn't cost so much. again with the argument that the wealthy are the only people who can afford to eat healthy, while the poor folk have to shop at Safeway and eat chemically treated EVERYTHING cause it's cheaper to produce. It's an uphill battle. Most people don't even know what's going into their food. i'm just glad that a FEW grocery chains have taken to changing the products they sell, and are TRYING not to inflate the price very much.
We have to work hard, people!!! Let's get those organic prices down! Awareness is #1!


(to quote Kurt......)

Amber said...

well, I much prefer to go to markets, which is just another reason to move to Seattle.
Want a Dahlia, go to Pike's Market, want a fresh mango, go to the market, want a cool scarf or a perogi or whatever we ate that morning with Katherine, go to the market. I actually find that the produce at whole foods isn't all that much more, BUT when I go I buy all this other stuff, and never get out of there for less than 70 dollars! If I only bought apples and spinach it'd not be that bad.

cassie d said...

i concur. let's all move to seattle. i wouldn't mind buying fresh produce, bouquets of gorgeous flowers, and ethnic pastries filled with potatoes with you!
Let's do it!

And then after that -

what ever happened to San Francisco? hahaha!
To: U
From: ME
don't forget: U2
New Wave, man! all the way!
THE DOO!!!!!

Aaron said...

Hey Amber. I just thought I'd help you break through the 30 comments barrier. [sonic boom]

Yeha, what a ride!