Requested by Cassie

Back in some other time, Cassie and I made each other mix tapes. She always made cool sleeves for hers. This was the most treasured sleeve. In fact, I liked it so much that I still have it even though the tape is long gone, lying on some highway where an ex-boyfriend threw it out the window. (bastard)

This is a flat version, the group was actually part of the fold inside.

This is the inside with the playlist. I almost didn't put this part up due to the appearance of the "essay", but what the hell....
The only thing about it, Cassie, is the Brian Adam's clip isn't even noted on here, but I remember distinctly having to fast forward at the end of the second side everytime it came on.

Digging through my box of tapes I felt compelled to listen to them again and then realized I don't even have a tape player anymore.
Nevertheless, I couldn't pass up posting this cover. After all I was going to marry him....

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Deb said...

Don't you love finding things like this? Remembering how you felt, thought, listened to things back then? I love it. Cool find..