Here Today, Tomorrow, Sometimes

I'm still around, but mostly I'm busy doing this


Hannah said...

way cool

Anonymous said...

brilliant. so are you goint to have fresh garden goodies if we come to visit druing summer months?


ps: if your friend is still willing to part with that kick ass custerd recipie of hers, can you send it to me? thx

Blackpetunia said...

bt, yes of course. All my seedlings are getting big, a few weeks and I'll be planting. I'd love to see you.
I'll get the recipe, you mean the creme brulee, right?

Anonymous said...

yes. I forgot Erica's name, but that is me being my airhead self.

so, when should I come bug you guys?

I just started a flat of seeds today (a little late but better late than never. ) Maybe when I come to visit you I can bring some veggie goodness of mine own.

Hey, is the mailing address on Cassie's blog the address to send things to her?



Blackpetunia said...

I'm not sure as I haven't sent her anything, but I assume so.
I'll call you tonight and we can talk like real people.