Sunday December 14th 7 pm

Saturday December 20th - 5 pm & 7 pm


5209 Waterman Ave (entrance on Lake) $10

A young adventurer seeks the council of Santa Claus on a quest to meet the most inspiring entities of Earth. On his journey to the North, he encounters other unexpected and yet extraordinary individuals: Atnas, the environmental activist; the Snowqueen, guardian of the North; Mrs. Claus; and many creatures and elves.
Interwoven with this experimental film narrative are performances from a cast of St. Louis talent: The Universal Lotus Lovers Acroyoga troupe, choreographers Rebecca Rivas and Carrie Dobsch, movers and musicians Amanda Jokerst, Amber Dover, and Willy Zep, singers and songwriters Mark Pagano and Celia, the Yuletide Express Christmas Choir, Native American flutist and digeridoo player Brad Smith, Emily Hemeyer on dulcimer and improvisational vocals, singer and lovebomb Na-do with her daughter Safa, video mixer Mike Pagano, artist and actor Jeffrey Miller, visual artist and community mover Lyndsey Scott as Atnas, and visionary conceptualist Kelsey LaPoint as the storyteller.
Experience a radical adventure and remaking of the Christmas myth!

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S E E Quine said...

Haven't been here in a while! (That's because I haven't had much access to my own computer, which has everyone's bookmarks on it.)

That look really interesting! Kelsey LaPoint is responsible for this... this... thing?
` Environmental activist? Snow Queen? Didgeridoo player? Looks very... multilayered!

So, I'm assuming you're involved in this? Looks cool!

Giving you my extra happiness from getting a job by Thanksgiving.... :D