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I am lucky that my life has so much beauty in it.
Most of this beauty has nothing to do with other humans.
My partner was unsurprised when I told him that I don't like other people, mostly just plants and animals.
I guess I make it that obvious.
Somewhere in the midst of my existence, I think I'm growing and learning.
This is all I can hope for.


S E E Quine said...

` That's funny; you know, when I was young I didn't care about people at all, only animals. (I didn't have much reason to, though, so no surprise there.)
` Now, I'm in a stage in my life where I am learning to appreciate people! Personally, I think they must be aliens!

Anonymous said...

What kind of purple flower is that? Is that a Zinnia?


Blackpetunia said...

yep, a huge one too.

vivavavoom said...

what is it about humans that makes you want to hang with animals and nature more?

I am currently going through a change, and no it isn't menopause....yet. But I have had enough of the feeling of running and working all the time with no stopping to just breath. That is probably my life lesson....I have to learn to breath better. And I have been itching to get a dog....but that is like another child, and 2 is all I can handle right now.

Blackpetunia said...

Dogs are definitely like children in ways, like permanently 3yr. old children.
I guess it's the general meanness and stupidity and well, lots of other things too. Just having to explain myself like this makes me annoyed sometimes. I realize it's not anyone's fault if they want or are interested in an explantion. Sometimes it's also just an emotion that is fleeting. I just feel disgusted with people that live around me, their trash, their noise, their rudeness, their lack of concern for their surroundings. Plants don't do this, they are unassuming and usually nice to look at, if I nurture them, they give back twice fold with their mere presence. Non-human animals are also simple in their existence and their sharing of themselves.
I'm just a curmudgeon.

S E E Quine said...

` OMG! Speaking of aliens, my apartment has been taken over by felinoid invaders!
` ...Their real names are (Cap'n) Violet and (Lt) Veda.

S E E Quine said...

` BTW, I don't know how much interest you've got for the opposite of cute baby animals and flowers, but have you seen this?
` Believe it or not, I have an even crazier story coming up!
` Just thought I'd shamelessly plug to try to draw you back into the bloggersphere. Yeah, that's it.

Semiotic Ghost said...

I often want to resign from the human race, choose a different species. I'm constantly frustrated and ashamed at what we do and have done.

I don't know why people decided that they are no longer a part of nature, that they don't have to follow the rules of the world and coexist. We take and take and take without any regard for the countless other plants and animals (this includes people) around us.

Our best hope is to enact change within ourselves and hope that it spreads. I find my solice in the strength and perseverance of nature. It sounds like you do, too.