A birds eye look at my life

This weekend I am going to Kansas City for a few things that I'm pretty excited about:

in addition I'll be able to hang out with some friends that I haven't seen for awhile and most likely drink, eat and be merry. I've been working on the yard and house and other stuff that this little mini-vacation will be a nice break.
I will try to post some pictures, for real this time, of the garden and the progress that we've made this past week. Finally have some herbs planted, including three kinds of basil. I will be able to go into the pesto business by the end of the summer if it all does well and doesn't get stolen by rat-bastard thieves.


caffeinator_x said...

That's cool... I've heard that K.C, is downright urbane for a midwestern city. I know the Modern Art museum is bigger than the one we currently in Denver.

Are you planning a visit out here? Something I saw on Josh's Blog made me think that was the case...

Amber said...

The Modern Art Museum - the Kemper is pretty cool in KC, but it's not that big, in my opinion. They do have a Chihuly or two and a really cool spider sculpture out front that I love.

We were thinking about coming out this month with kidlets in tow to camp, but we're not financially capable right now. I am going to try to come out in Aug. or Sept. though.

Last time I was in Denver we went to the Denver Art Museum downtown and they were doing some pretty serious additions to it which looked cool. Honestly, I'm trying to remember going to the modern art museum there and I don't know if I ever have...
As far as Urbane, I think St. Louis is more so than KC.

Ok, so I just looked at MCA – Denver’s website and that exhibit “See Into Liquid” looks very cool. I know that I’ve not been there now, I’ll have to go next time I’m out.

Amber said...
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S E E Quine said...

` All praise basil!

` ...Kidlets?