Rasta O'Connor?

I just got back from Chicago. I went up there to spend a few days with Dilaram and to go to see Sinead O'Connor.
I had heard before hand that her new album is completely Reggae, so I went somewhat prepared.
The whole day was kind of tepid. I was really looking forward to going to the Art Institute. I got up early and walked over, as I walked just 8 blocks it got increasingly colder and windier. I had to stop and buy gloves and a hat which helped. I enjoyed the art museum, it's so wonderful there. I am always amazed at the paintings you find as you turn corners. Originals, that you see in text books and art books and to see the real thing is pretty amazing. After having lunch with Dil I went back to the hotel since it was downright frigid at that point. I proceeded to have a few vodka tonics and went back to the room and passed out until Dil got off work. We had to rush to get ready and catch the El(elevated transit in Chicago). When we got to the venue we still had about 40 minutes. As we were walking up to the theatre it looked odd because there were no people and the lights were off. There was a sign on the door that they had moved the concert to some other theatre. As we were starting to walk back to the El, two guys who also were there for the show asked us if we knew where the other place was, they offered to give us a ride. They were the cutest latino couple, and offered us fresh coconut. We got lost for about 30 minutes and barely made it to the concert. Only to find that the reggae band was playing for about 45 minutes before Sinead even came on stage.
I can't even really say what I thought of the concert. On one hand, it wasn't BAD really, but she didn't play one single old song, and for the most part she'd just sing bits here and there since the band spent a lot of time jamming out. The best parts were when she would sing with an acoustic guitar and this freaky dancer girl was on stage singing with her. Overall, it was a slight disappointment, I guess. Even though I've listened to some of it online, the new album, and I like it actually, I just didn't enjoy the concert as much as in the past when I saw her. And just added to a somewhat tepid day.
So, we stayed out late drinking and now I'm going to bed really early.


S E E Quine said...

` Neat! I've always wanted to go to Chicago and/or a concert - at least one I give very much of a damn about.

` By the way... I posted some of my sketches on my blog! First time ever!

cassie d said...

i've always been disappointed when artists refuse to sing ANY of their old work. i understand that those old songs were probably from a different time in their life, and don't necessarily reflect who and what they have become -
i also understand that when you have a new album, you are completely pumped about it, and want to focus on IT. but it's sad when artists don't realize that the reason why they have fans are because of their present AND past achievements. I mean, that's like going to a Madonna show, and her not playing Vogue or something. Sure she's had TONS more albums, and her current sound is SO much more mature, but we still love Vogue!!! Even if it's not 1990!

So i'm sad for you that Sinead didn't play any older stuff. it would've been cool if she would've played old stuff in regge style, right? Even THAT would've been better than 'jammin'!

Ah bummer. But what can you expect from Sinead? I guess that's why her fans are so eclectic. You never expect anything from her to begin with.
She's a firecracker, she is!

Amber said...

She is! It's obvious that she was born the same day as Jim Morrison, she doesn't try to do anything other than confuse her fans a lot. It would have been awesome if she did some of her stuff in Reggae style, but alas, no. I can off the top, think of two songs that she does that even have a slight reggae influence in their original form anyway!
It's funny you bring up Madonna, because her transformative nature is somewhat like Madonna's, just not quite so mainstream or something. I respect that she likes to risks and explore her own artistry, but damn, she played other peoples music, a lot of it wasn't even her own, so it wasn't like she was trying to get all this new stuff out there anyway.