Idle Ideal

As Loco Mocos said, Seattle was very cool. It far exceeded my expectations. I also want to move there. I think all of the friends that we met out there left with similar feelings. What I found the most enticing about the concept of living there were the people. They were genuinely nice, helpful and cool. They behave as though they had nothing to prove and they just seemed happy to live in Seattle which is the way I would feel if I lived there too.
So here's to recruiting all my loved ones to Seattle, that way I don't have to keep travelling all over to see them.
Pretty soon I'll have a picture up, hopefully, and something more to say. At this point, I'm just feeling sad to be in MO again, and god the humidity got so much worse after a little fresh air.
Oh, except this,
I've been on here almost a month and I haven't heard anything more about this stupid secret society dubbed "the threes"


Aaron said...

I wouldn't want to live in Seattle, it's too cold and rainy. I'm glad you guys had a good time. How was the concert?

Amber said...

Whatever dude, it's waaay colder in KC than Seattle ever gets. Have you ever been there? It's normally in the 40-50 degree range in the winter. It may be damp, but it hardly ever snows in the city and it's all green and beautiful from the rain. In the summer it's sunny pretty much every day. You might get a little fog or clouds in the morning but by noon it's sunny and beautiful. I think everyone who lives up there wants people to believe that so too many people don't move there.
The concert was awesome. I just wish it were longer and I had a closer seat.
By the way, in the summer it doesn't have stifling humidity up there, you can actually breath and not want to be inside all of the time, and anyhow, if you haven't been there just know that that whole cold and rainy thing is a deterrent and a misconception.

cassie d said...

well, i know it gets rainy and cold - but i think i could shoulder it!!!

So what was up with all the hobos in Seattle? i know they are in EVERY city, but they seemed to all be on crack, instead of a bag of colt 45. although i did think it funny when your friend was exasperated at seeing a homeless person sleeping under our window!!!

i guess if i was a hobo - i'd move there too! 10xs better than Denver!
Wait. i'm not a hobo, and i STILL want to move there!

Amber said...

I just saw a thing last night on the Daily show about a guy in Seattle that is trying to promote his online poker business by "bum-vertising" he pays the bums like $3 a day to put his sign on their sign. It was pretty funny.
Portland has a lot too. They can live outside year round without melting or freezing to death. That's my guess. I know in Portland they had a lot of programs for hobos, including needle exchange programs, the NW has a big heroin problem actually.

Aaron said...

I gets colder and hotter here. I kinda like that. I'd have to get used to coastal weather.

Neither the Sehawks nor the Mariners are in the same division as the Chiefs or Royals, so that would make it easier.

cassie d said...

love it.


You know, i am completely faithful to my love for Jack Black - but i'm in love with John Stewart as well.


S E E Quine said...

` Mmm. John Stewart. Hey! Just thought I'd come by and talk about the GORGEOUS weather here in the BEAUTIFUL, NONFLAT state of WA (Eastern) and how HILARIOUS people are when it's not!
` Yes, because I have nothing better to do!! Also, I dig your blog, Amber!
` Would you believe, though, that not only has it been warm and sunny all summer - it's been that way since about February 15!! (I think this is because we had a real drought this year. Darn global warming!)
` But Amber, you must remember, it does not usually RAIN up here in the winter! Tsk tsk! It DRIZZLES - or maybe, the air just 'seems wet' somehow and your hair gets damp.
` Either way, you are not likely to need an umbrella.
` On the rare occasion that it DOES RAIN, people abandon their cars along the side of the road! They're not used to actual RAIN, Amber, and so they call the drizzle 'rain'.
` In fact, they're also not used to snow: On the rare occasion that you get about ONE INCH of snow, all the schools CLOSE because everyone's too scared to drive!
` I, being from N.E. Ohio (land of unpredictably alternating 90 degree mugginess, tornadoes and lake effect blizzards), just go, 'WTF?' when people ditch their Subaru or SUV along I-5 and start walking home.
` Sadly, I have yet to see a thunderstorm here, though this summer I was sitting at my computer and ONE bolt of lightning struck from a drizzle-cloud, which really surprised me! But then, I started laughing when this girl down on the sidewalk screamed and yelled; "Oh my god! Get inside! That was less than a mile away!"
` I just love the way locals are coddled by the constant good weather! We don't even have air conditioners! It is definitely a good place to move, unless you consider weather to be an adventure. But at least there are earthquakes and the resulting mountains for that.
` Can you tell I love writing?

Amber said...

I lived in PDX for a little over a year. And the weather is pretty much the same as in WA. I loved it. The winter was beautiful. There was moss and greenery everywhere, in Jan. and Feb.! bleh I say to anyone who talks about the shitty weather in the NW. ESPECIALLY when the live in the Midwest or the South. The two areas that have the WORST weather in the country, ok, besides Arizona.

jason said...

I find it prettty funny that people would actually pull over and walk in an inch of snow. In Kansas City, people will drive through 6 inches of snow no problem. I disagree about midwest weather being the worst. I think it's the best. Actually, more like a love hate relationship. Having extremes of shitty weather makes me appreciate the gorgeous days like today. It's dry, sunny, and about 72 degrees as the sunrays come in from low to the ground as the sun moves into a more northwesternly position. Also, the trees are just starting to change color ever so slightly...meaning just 2 weeks before full on fall foliage. This is the best time to live in the midwest. I think I would miss the drastic weather changes. Oh yeah, and I think the worst weather is in Chicago. That is the coldest place I've ever lived. It was still in the 40's and 50's most days in April and May.

Amber said...

I've heard Chicago is awful.
Everywhere I have ever lived, people have loved and hated the weather. I've had a wide array from arid and mountainous in CO, humid and frigid in KC, rainy and mild in Portland, really arid and hot in Albequerque.
Everywhere people complain, and have misconceptions. Anyway, I like weather variations, but I don't like humidity, it's the only thing worse-to me- than 110 degree weather in the desert, which I'm starting to think the humidity is worse.
I guess it's some kind of Nordic blood or something, but I prefer cooler weather in which I can wear sweaters in lieu of bikinis, but not stupid icy coldness, wherein it doesn't really snow.