I started doing yoga on Sunday.
I'm so silly to not be active. I always feel 1000 times better.
I never really got yoga before, it was just like stretching before a ballet class for me.
It's different now.
This is an explanation for the dissipation of all the grim words I've conveyed lately.
I won't get all spiritual on here, at least that isn't where I see myself headed.
Just different, and that is good.
Perhaps I won't die of cancer or ennui after all.


caffeinator_x said...

Long time no comment!~ (me, that is)

Congrats! I'm a big proponent of that 85% of most mood / anxiety / depression issues can be addressed w/ a healthier lifestyle.

Which I'm hoping doesn't sound all Tom Cruise, or anything.

Blackpetunia said...

No way, Caff, you don't even have the bangs to compete with messiah Cruise.
It amazing the difference in my mood and attitude. I only feel like killing idiots 25% of the time these days.

S E E Quine said...

` Yoga is good! Never did it, though, but I've heard....
` Hey, I wonder which is worse for your health; cancer or ennui?

` PS Tom Cruise makes me scared. I know why Scientology's like that - L Ron Hubbard was schizophrenic and he hated 'psychs'.
` They tell people to shun a lot of medical treatment, though they have this weird practice of forcing their workers to get an abortion - and if they don't they are shunned, spat upon and constantly harassed by goons.
` I kind of don't blame the general attitude, though, as I've had my fair share of that crap. In fact, I just wrote all about it in the comments here just the other day!
` Not that I want you to want to kill those idiots or anything.

` BTW, something that I imagine would stave off any feelings of pissedness - MORE BABY ALIENS!