The need to breed, and other sundry tales of self-deception

I was thinking of this title last night, while sitting at home. And then, I found the article that it was for today!

I can't believe that the Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance thinks that passing Initiative 957 is going to help people who are wanting to get married that aren't a "man and a woman" partnership. They are over the top and can only be viewed as nutcases, in my book.
If you're too lazy to click the link, the initiative states that a couple must be able to prove that they can procreate before they can get married and that if they don't pop a few progeny out within three years, their marriage will be annulled.

I understand that maybe, perhaps, they are trying to force this whole union for the sake of procreation as a bunk idea, but this just seems like a loose cannon sort of way to do it.


Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! That's what it is. What will they try to legislate next? Where and when you can poop? These people need to be strung up by their toes so that the blood can get to their brains!

Hannah said...

You can't really demonstrate idiocy to idiots. The procreation groups are idiots already,thus, not smart enough to make a connection between the Washington initiative and how it fingers their anti-homosexual marriage argument for procreation. Wasted efforts and in a backwards way. Cross-stitching would be a better hobby than politics for the Washinton initiative people.

This and That said...

since we all don;t have sex unless we want babies....since abstinence is to be preached, not birth control, then make it a law. let them choke on their own hypocrisy. see my latest blog entry for the biggest hypocrite, who is 'cured'.

Denny said...

That might just be the most obsurd thing i've heard in awhile. I'm alomost to the point of crawling in hole and hiding from this world after the thing i've been reading lately.
Check out my new post and let me know if I'm completely crazy.

locomocos said...

holy crap.

Where do i live?

In what age do i exist?

all hail Idiocracy.