I know I should be finishing the finance report I'm working on, but I had to throw this out into cyberspace.

Do You Know How Goddamn Sexy I Think You Are When You Clean?
It does something special to me inside. Even The Cramps agree.
Now you know the secret way to my heart.


This and That said...

buy a coffee shop here in denver and ted will fold your laundry. he is SO hot when he does that!

Blackpetunia said...

hmmm, I think I'll be starting one here first, but I could branch out if it's successful. You'll have a coffee shop for Ted to go to when you visit your dad, at least.

S E E Quine said...

` Clean... must... get... clean... flush troubles away... blue... clean... Ti-D-Bol!

` The Ti-D-Bol man is coming to get you!!!

` This random comment was brought to you by an overactive mind, running rampant.

Hannah said...

Why else did you think I have all those fashionable aprons?

I know I'm sexy!