This is turning into the blog of tragedies....

Last night a pretty bad storm came through the city of the Arch. Our neighborhood got hit pretty bad. We have one large Sycamore tree behind our house that has numerous large branches broken and dangling over what remains of the power lines. The transformer boxes began exploding first and then the wind knocked a very large branch down which took the power lines down in our alley. We have no power and the wires were sparking last night, trying to ignite the tree, luckily the rain that had lashed down subdued it somewhat. When I tried to call 911, it was busy the first ten times. When I finally got a hold of an operator, they said unless the tree was on fire at that moment they'd make their way to our place when they could..the only good thing about this is that I was actually at the store at the time the storm hit - otherwise our car would be part of the branch/wire sculpture in the back yard.
So we spent a steamy night in our house and today it's supposed to get to about 102 - with heat index(humidity) it's going to feel like 115. I'm considering evacuating the animals and humans from the house to an air-conditioned haven. It's supposed to storm more tonight, so maybe it'll cool off, then...
it's just waiting for electricity to come back, which at this point with over 500,000 people out, it'll probably be a few days.
oh so fun.
It looks like a tornado hit the street next to us. Very sad, all the trees are snapped and mangled and one of the charming old buildings on the corner lost part of its top.
If anyone is interested in what's being said you can google the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, or just the storm in St. Louis. or go here: We're not even in Kansas
signing out from my thankfully air-conditioned office.

We will not be getting our electric back for at least five days, they say. We will be evacuating to more temperate climes at our friends, with the whole farm in tow.
They are saying the winds that whipped through last night were clocked at 92 mph. A veritable land-hurricane we had.


This and That said...

had no idea you guys had such a storm....tried to call my dad on his cell and home and no answer. hope all is okay with you (and them) and you get powered restored soon.

This and That said...

phew..my dad just called me and he is in NYC. said his neighbor said they lost power but his house is still there. but bet that fridge is going to smell nasty when he returns!!

Amber said...

yeah, things were real bad here last night. After the 102 degree weather things were pretty miserable. We've heard many varying estimates for the electricity, from 7-10 days, to 3-5, so I'll hope for the best. Glad your dad is well too. Not too many people have died yet, but they were going around checking on people yesterday making sure people had water. The ice was seemingly gone from the whole city pretty fast, so all our food is gone. Most restaurants in our area are without power too, so we're scavenging food where we can.

cassie d said...

holy crap! i heard about it on NPR this morning, and wondered how you were doing! i wanted to call you when i got off work today! Good things cell phones still work!

S E E Quine said...

` Ohh... ignore my last comment. (Man, I've been busy!)