Free if child locked inside

I just found out I can get financed for a scooter.
My first choice is the Stella, and then a Vespa. The Vespas cost more, but if I got the lowest one, I might be able to afford it.
Feast your eyes below, and let me know which you like.
I really like the red Stella, but I like the black too...

Red Stella

Black Stella

Green Stella

Black Vespa

Plum Vespa


This and That said...

My choice is for color. I like the red or green. I have also seen them in orange and like that too. Make sure you have a good place to park it..heard they get stolen easy.

Amber said...

I know, that is my main concern, I was looking at security options, and in our neighborhood, I don't know. I'm going to have to chain it with razor wire or something. I saw the orange, I'm not much of a color person, myself, so if I go with color it'll probably be red.

Anonymous said...

I think the red one is really cool. If it was me that's the one I'd get.

caffeinator_x said...

Aesthetic whore that I am... I'd go for the Stella. The only people I ever see on the (new) Vespas are the disposable income yuppies who pull them out of the garage once a year to pick up a bottle of wine so they can re-live their summer in Italy. (Tho, of course, you could be the one to break that stereotype)

The Stella just has that wicked, OLD SCHOOL Vespa countour and line... gorgeous in ANY color.

Better yet... you paint, si? Customize that sucker -

a lot harder to steal that way...

jason said...

I like the green stella. I also like the styling of it more....very retro.

Hannah said...

Red or Black, definitely. I can't see you riding a giant booger colored machine. My good friend is the treasurer for the Pikes Peak Scooter club, so I can pass along any questions. Maybe she would have some suggestions for security.

S E E Quine said...

` Boogers aren't green.... unless you're sick.