A little late

But still a commemorative is in order.
I found this really cool site:
Radiating Places - A Requiem of a Special Kind
I found the pictures hauntingly beautiful and sad, and well done.

Red indicates the extent of the radiation cloud on April 27, just after the accident in Chernobyl. Blue, indicates its almost worldwide distribution until the 6th of May.

The Bare Facts
Explosion, 26/04/1986, Chernobyl, USSR
Origin of accident - Explosion
Industry - General Chemicals Manufacture
Activity / unit - Process
Year - 1986
Date - 26/04/1986
Location - Chernobyl
Country - USSR
Products involved - Nuclear
Number of deaths - 31
Number of injuries - 299
Number of evacuated - 135,000

The Conclusion?
Read for yourself

How many people live near areas where this could happen?

This is by no means an anti-nuclear power post, but I do believe we can be more educated and learn from the past, to not forget. To forget something like this would be really, really stupid.


James Aach said...

Agreed, a Chernobyl-type event should never be allowed to happen again. And Education is the key. For an entertaining lay person's inside look at nuclear energy, focusing on the US but with a special section on Chernobyl, see my novel at my blogsite. There's no cost to readers, and they seem to like it, judging from the homepage comments.

S E E Quine said...

` I'd say something, but I don't have any time.

Amber said...

damn, but you did say something quine. maybe later....

cassie d said...

i was listening to NPR about the 20 year anniversary - and how the site is still not competely safe. It's encased in concrete - but if that concrete cracks - SUX TO BE YOU. They are currently putting together a project to reinforce the containment site - as well as build a new one with little to no change in safety standards! Give a listen if you're interested....

This and That said...

I remember 3 Mile Island very well because I lived in the East at the time. That was scary enough....the pic of the Earth puts it all in better perspective..., the # of kids that havehad birth defects from this is staggering..

S E E Quine said...

` I used to know someone who went to a dentist who went over to help all the toothless kids....

Denny said...

i was watching a special on this the other night, and in some places workers can only work for like 15 minutes in certain places there because its so toxic. It is intersting that most of the crews working at the site are americans. Also the plant is going to incased in somthing likened to Tupperware that should keep it secure but for only about 100 years.