And just when I thought my elders didn't have anything to teach me.
This article made me really happy, warm and fuzzy inside.

And I smile


Aaron said...

Just like islam, the liberals of the world will never have a shortage of people who aspire to be 'martyrd' for the 'cause'.

I wish that guy the best of luck. I hope he likes it in jail.

Aaron said...

huh huh... i just said turd... huh huh.

cassie d said...

what are you talking about? he won't go to jail. no one ever gets sent to jail for tax evasion unless they are a mob boss.

it's a nice sentiment, but i agree. not going to do much but make a nice story for a couple of newspapers.

maybe i should be thinking more about the act itself.

i need to do my taxes, as well.
i need money.

i'll withhold money from the government and say it's because of the war, too.
not because of that new Stella i want.....

jet black, please -

Laura said...

I think he's a total turd as well! It's like those liberals that used to withold the Federal tax from things like their phone bills. I mean seriously, if you're going to make a statement actually do something. Don't be a big ol' baby and withhold money cuz you're cheap!

Amber said...

I think these people are obviously doing it because they are against the war, that has nothing to do with being cheap.
And what does being LIBERAL have to do with holding back taxes? I thought they were "all for" less taxes, smaller government?(yeah right)

Aaron said...

He's can be identified as a liberal kool-aid drinker because of his high-profile, but meaningless protest against the 'illegal' war. He is also identified by the fact that his 'protest' it totally symbolism over substance. Liberals tend to thrive on making people think they 'care' by using symbolic gestures rather than actually trying to solve problems.

I don't want to get into this but of all wars ever fought, the war in Iraq has to be the MOST legal because it's spelled out in the ceasefire agreement signed in 1991. It's just as 'legal', if not more, than WWII.

Amber said...

Keep in mind, this guy is in Britain, which has different laws than us. Since we're not getting into the legality of it in our country. You know, false premise, fabricated data, and lies lies lies. I think he must have been telling the truth in his world when he said Mission Accomplished which has been proven by record sells for Exxon.
I think we should just agree that we disagree on these points and move on.

heather said...

NOOOO!!! I want to see you guys get into a knock out drag down fight one of these times..

Amber said...

nah, I'm not even that Political, I don't consider myself as part of any political affiliation and I pretty much know A-ron's stance on stuff, so it's kind of boring.

Aaron said...

Amb-o, I bet you'd be surprised at some of my stances and my logic behind them.

Amber said...

Perhaps, perhaps.
Logic, my friend, has nothing to do with it, because the kind of logic you speak of is quite subjective.

Aaron said...

Amber, you're too hard on me. You treat me like I'm a kid. I'm very delicate, just ask Cozmic. I need to be treated gently.

I'll try to be nicer if you will.