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This is great,
A response to A-Ron and Heather:
you decide:
Forbes says that KC is the worst for culture...go figure


cassie d said...

that's crap. i've heard KC has a good art scene. The Crossroads District is getting bigger, as well as recognized!
KC definitly has potential!
Who is this "Forbes" guy, anyway?

cassie d said...

just kidding.
don't answer that!

Amber said...

well, they say many things, like the previous two, about your job and Denver.
But seriously the culture in KC is pretty lacking, when one of the better things to do for night life is WESTPORT?! Give me two breaks already! Pathetic.

Gina said...

I was not impressed with KC when I was there for a concert, but I haven't spent a good amount of time there. Heather needs to comment with some good points about KC. ;)

heather said...

Hey... I lived in Maryville for 6 years before moving to KC. I'm sure even Omaha would look good to me!!!

S E E Quine said...

` Ah, never mind my last comment.... I wonder what about Seattle?

Aaron said...

I work right across the street from the old post office building on broadway. I know that crossroads area is growing because I see it every day.

Saying anything like that just seems so ridiculous. Kansas City has just as many cultural attractions as any other comparable city. We enjoy ourselves quite nicely out here.

Laura said...

KC is the BEST!!! We have cows, ritz and hot boys!! What more is there anywhere?