Locos got game

Hey, so this is more of a bulletin focused on locomocos wise career choice:

check it out
I applaud you my friend
I'm actually on the "good" list,
at least it's not on the poor list
althought, it's all relative, even though attorney may be on the poor, most of them still make waay more than I do.


cassie d said...

hell yeeeah byotch!!!

S E E Quine said...

` That's awesome!!! And lucky!

heather said...

BTW....looks like you have mastered the linking thing Amber!!

Amber said...

I guess i can be a computer programer now, yes.

Aaron said...

Hold on there Amb-o...you could be a web developer, not a computer programmer.

Amber said...

whatever, developing web stuff requires programming your computer to do certain things, whatever, same thing blahblahblah