I actually changed the links! yes!
so I guess I'm going to learn HTML.
This is so good for me, my life has changed. I don't know what to say,
THANK YOU for converting me. I am born again! Praise Loco and A-ron.


cassie d said...

HOORAY!!!!! lalala!!! i'm so excited!!! now you have 2 BLOGS!!! This awesome one, and the silly live journal.

okay, so the only reason why i think live journal is silly, is because it won't let me post!!! BOO!!!!

hemingway -
Hoorah for Amber's Blog!!!

cassie d said...

you should get a-ron to put a site counter on here!!
fun fun fun!!!!

Amber said...

i need a-ron's help with a lot apparently. such as, html.
i'm ready to learn, i am just a mere grasshopper, an empty vessel if you will.
what is this counter thing
by the way, i linked you to mine, where is my link?

cassie d said...

i linked it under your live journal page and titled it Into the Rabbit Hole!!

So do you think you will journal on both pages - or just be silly on this one?

I'm so excited!! I feel like we've bonded through blogging - more like - blongded....

ew. that sounds like something you have when you're sick....

cassie d said...

A-ron can put a site counter on your blog if you give hime access, or he can tell you how to do it.
it shows how many people visit your log. look at the bottom of our pages below the archives section.

and it's really easy to post pictures. when you're posting, just click on the picture icon, and you can upload any picture you have on your computer. i usually find stuff off the internet, save it to my desktop, upload, and then delete it. i LOVE it!!!!
The profile pic is a little harder. you have to have that pic located at a domain, like your lunar society page. if you scroll over my profile pic, you'll see it's linked to Josh's website. i don't know why it's so weird like that.

Blog away, Petunia! Blog away!!!

Amber said...

We actually have Picasa, so I may download the free "Hello" stuff so I can have photos up somewhere to use them. It sounds useful.
I'm not sure where I'll blog more, I haven't done that much on LJ anyhow.

Amber said...

by the way, what is the Threes thing, now I have one, I'm confused as to why you're the Three special ones, is it like the Three Amigos? Stooges?

cassie d said...

more like The Holy Trinity.

it actually started because we were all blogging frequently and commenting on each other's pages (aaron, jason and i) and so Aaron came up with The Three so we would have a special little section on our blogs for each other. that way we could access them faster - and become a force to be rekconed with....

here is how it began:

i personally like Four Artist Rendering Thought....haha!!!

you wanna join? it means you have to post alot, read each other's blogs and make comments on all of our pages!!! and don't worry about not knowing jason! he's really nice!!!

whadda ya say? soon, we might even have 5 WHOLE PEOPLE in the group (if we get jason's girlfriend to start blogging - her name is Jade and she only posts so far....).
it will be WONDERFUL.

cassie d said...

oops! i meant she only comments so far!

okay. i'll quit writing!

Amber said...

Is Jason that one guy that I met a long time ago, skinny with long hair?

cassie d said...

Different jason! This one is Aaron's buddy!!!

Aaron said...

Hey y'all. I would be more than delighted to add a counter to your blog. You should send me an email. Tell me what you want and I'll make it happen.

If you use webmail, my address is AaronKCMO@hotpop.com.

Don't download that 'hello' crap, it's trash software. Blogger has a web based utility that blows hello away. It's really easy to access through the 'compose' screen.

The Threes are indeed a force. We'll have to come up with a new name that's not number specific.

Jason is definitely not skinny :)

cassie d said...

Amber was referring to my friend Jason i introduced to her long long ago. when we were watching south park, rockin' the ganje, and listening to Tom Petty.

Good ole Jason James!!!

Amber said...

Wow, I didn't know if you'd remember that part, I was going to mention it. So I don't know this Jason.

jason said...

Hey Frosh, I'm offended.....I resemble that remark! Anyway, I used to be skinny. My freshmen year of college I was 5' 10" and 135 lbs. Then, when I was 19 I discovered sweet mary jane....and started eating pringles and chasing them with chocolate mini doughnuts. That was the same year I discovered alcohol....the rest as they say, is my waistline.

cassie d said...


Aaron said...

I figured you were talking about Jason James. What ever happened to him?

S E E Quine said...

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