Rumination on being God

I had almost forgot for the most part a piece of my childhood. It wasn't really a huge, glaring light in my memories, but it left it's impression.
From the time I was born until I was around 8 or so, my parents were Jehovah Witnesses, actually my mom's whole family had been, all eight children and parents. Most of them dropped out over time, but I still had a few relatives that were lingering in the Kingdom Hall mentality.
The only impact this had on me is to be completely disassociated from traditions and holiday cheer. I still, to this day could care less about most holidays and don't get all the hype. However, I LOVE my birthday and still consider it the most important day of the year.
I was reminded today after reading this article how I did actually know some completely messed up people through that group of freaks. Not all of them were, my parents never forced it down our throats and we didn't get beat. But my cousin did, many times, and if we were over at her house, we got it too. That aunt didn't let us come over as we got older since we weren't in the "cult" anymore. I laugh now when I look back and remember that people used to call me "a Jehovah", and how they didn't realize they were calling me a god.
All in all, they are just about as creepy as the Mormons, and talk about judgemental!

Apparently there are a lot of other people out there that don't care for them, and most of these people have some kind of experience with them. I truly do regret not drinking the wine, if I'm not one of the 144,000, then who the fuck is, seriously?

Here are just a few instances of crazy stuff they do, or stuff crazy people say they do:
Steal your family
For the recovering Jehovah


locomocos said...

what an abusive freak. but my question is - if she was a foster mother, where were child services? even though she was jehovah's witness, the state REQUIRES foster children to go to doctors, dentists, and monthly visits to check the living conditions. Apparetnly these kids were not wards of the state? So someone GAVE them to her? Wha?????

And - I can't believe ANYONE would want to convert to a religion (CULT) where their god only accepted 144,000 followers. Why would they continue to convert followers if there were so few spots left - including the already dead souls? Sounds fishy to me....

Blackpetunia said...

yeah, well, I'm going to give away my knowledge for free on this one.
The 144K is the number of souls that go to Heaven after Armageddon and party with the Jesus. The rest of us that are worthy for resurrection get to stay on Earth/Paradise, and rebuild all the crap after the big day. Sounds worse doesn't it?! Ok, you're not going to hell, and you don't get to stay dead! You get to clean up after the party, SUCKER! ha.

locomocos said...

you made me laugh out loud!!!

Sucka is RIGHT!

This and That said...

So the lucky 144k party on with Jesus...I hear he really knows how to throw a good bread and wine party, the rest of the 'lucky ones' stay here to clean up after the party (in which I obviously die and go to hell)?? I need to come up with a religion like cult L.Ron Hubbard did. My headquarters will be in Aruba....more enlightenment there!