29 Things

I'm almost a week into this new age of mine. I've been trying it on for size, seeing if it feels any different. Mostly, it doesn't. Here are some things that may or may not be related to aging another year, but that I've forced myself to notice.

1. I finally understand the phrase "Don't mix your alcohols".
2. I really don't get carded anymore, regardless of who I'm with.
3. I consider myself to be more serious about the activities I'm involved in and don't think about running away from the stress of responsibility.
4. I don't mind that I'm in the Midwest, for now.
5. My animals bring me endless amounts of joy, maybe not having children gives me more time for this.
6. I find it easier not to take things as personally and realize that other people have issues of their own that they battle with, it's not all just me.
7. Recognition for my hard work is nice, but not required.
8. I really miss having my family in my daily life.
9. I'm beginning to accept that some of my dreams are not feasible, and yet in some ways much more possible now that I don't have the hardcore attitude of being worthless if they don't happen.
10. Lists like this are harder because I want to be as honest with myself as possible.
11. My cynicism is aging like a fine wine.
12. I'm also more apt to know when it's not appropriate to share it with just anyone.
13. I'm really bored with just having a job, paying the bills should be secondary.
14. I am not going to quit my job just because I'm bored. I have a plan.
15. I'm still scared to take the risks necessary to make my plan reality.
16. I can actually come home and not feel like I need to clean, all night, every night.
17. Dilaram and I have been together 6 times as long as I've ever been with anyone, and it still feels like just the beginning.
18. I am looking forward to laughing with Cassie about all this when we're old.
19. Unlike Cassie, I'm not really feeling bad about getting older.
20. Twenty seems like more than just a decade ago.
21. Riding the bus isn't so bad, with and iPod.
22. This coming year I will master my scooter riding skills, and then no one will ever see me again, just me and the scooter, riding into the sunset.
23. I still want to elope to Iceland, someday.
24. I hope that someday isn't a decade away.
25. As much as I want to help make the world a better place, I don't like being involved in politics.
26. I think the most effective way to influence change is by planting gardens(for me) physically and metaphorically.
27. Focus, I need more of it.
28. I may never get to see an elephant or whale in the wild, and this makes me more and more sad.
29. I'm going to make the last year in my twenties count.


jason said...

29 feels good, doesn't it. 30 is even better. Now, 31 is bothering me because I'm on my way towards 40. However, I'd rather have the wisdom of being 31 over being 20 again and having to suffer through all those learning experiences. Which, brings me to the definition of wisdom. Wisdom: being presented with multiple choices and choosing the one that is right, regardless of how hard it may be, or how fun the other choices may be.

Anonymous said...

Gotta tell ya, it only gets better! Love the insights though. Sounds like ones I have/had too. 40 aint so bad either. Even 41. They say 42 is the answer to life and everything (Hitchhikers Guide) I'm only 6 months away. S

Hannah said...

loved the blog...feel the age


This and That said...

omigod Jason....you are 31 and worried about 40? Just enjoy it!!!! Love the list idea Amber, but like I wrote Cassie....Age is a question of mind over matter, if you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

disclaimer:That quote does not apply if my daughter/son ever brings home someone 20 years younger or 20 years older...than it does.

S E E Quine said...

` What a year it will be! Good luck with your plan!

This and That said...

testing...having trouble signing in to my acct. seeing if this way it recognizes me. have you had any problem with this new google blog shite>?

Blackpetunia said...

Posting on other peoples blogs has been annoying, basically I have to sign in to blogger before I go look at anyone's. It's a bit flawed.

this and that said...

I can post on others no problem...I just can't sign into mine anymore. I can sign in when I leave a msg like I did on yours, then if I go to mine it says I am signed in, but then when I try and post it won't go to any screen. I also tried to leave a youtube video for everyone on there and it wouldn't let me transfer it, even though it did before. I give it one more week and then I will have to start a new one...ifit lets me.

Blackpetunia said...

That sucks.Are you doing "sign in with Google Account"?

michelle said...

yep...doing the google acct. curse you bloggerbetagoogleshite

S E E Quine said...

` That's so weird. I guess I'm lucky....

Freilonka said...

Wow, I wish I had a bunch of extra money to fly you out here, like I always do. Up until today I had never seen whales except waaaaaaay out in the distance. I kiyakked out into the ocean today about a mile, and there they were, all around me. Two BIG ones breached about 30 feet from me, which seemed even closer because they were so amazingly huge. I was afraid they would tip over my boat, but they seemed to be nervous about my presence and didn't come any closer. I hope someday you get to see them too.