I'm playing around with this new layout. I like the new beta blogger features, and recommend it, but also warn potential users that you will spend most of your blogging time playing with it and never actually post anything. I'm breaking that cycle though. One thing that may or may not be helpful for those interested, the picture feature seems to be no better on the beta version.
Things have been going well enough in my corner. I am getting ready to come out to Colorado next week, and feel the usual mounting excitement that comes with that until I have to deal with trying to find time to see everyone. It will be good to see the mountains again, either way. And family and friends.

Tonight I brought home another German Shepherd named Zeta, for a trial period to see if she will fit into our family. A coworker propositioned me at the end of the day. She's a very beautiful dog. She makes Anya look like a little midget and not nearly as wolf like as I used to think.

There are things brewing in the near future that I'm not going to talk about just yet, but if they work out, there will be many changes ahead. Good ones. Changes That Do Not, I repeat, Do Not involve child bearing or anything of that nature.


cassie d said...

what the hell are you talking about childbearing for?
Get a life.

Lipgloss (dancing) Friday 24th, Denver, CO with CaffX and This and That?

i say HUZZAH!!!

but no pressure....


Blackpetunia said...

well, I'm glad you finally actually made some kind of commitment to out hanging out with me, as tenuous as it may seem. I'll be there, to recant, Thu. night, all Friday and leaving Sat. morn so I want to squeeze lots in.

S E E Quine said...

` Yes! Your vicinity is the No ChildBearing Zone. But maybe it could be a PuppyBearing Zone.... Y'know, if you find a stray pregnant dog....

` I got Blogger Beta too, but I haven't changed my template because I have all kinds of links.
` Are there lots more options?

Anonymous said...

Very Nice Poochy! S

cassie d said...

i thought it was just a 'known' that i ALWAYS hang with you whenever i get a chance! it's like christmas has come EARLY!