Something funny, Something stupid

I usually find bumpersticks somewhat annoying, being that people seem to express anything from their political views, to moral issues to personal philosophies-on their dirty bumper, peeling and fading into mixed messages.

But, I did see one yesterday that made me chuckle to myself:

Practice Safe Sex Just Say No to Sex with ProLifers

and driving to work this morning I was behind a beat-up old truck with plenty of "environmental" stickers about water quality and life quality and earth stuff AND his truck was spewing enough toxic fumes to pollute a small country for a week. I had to light another cigarette just to breath!


bt said...

Is it not funny how people really get into "do as I say, not at I do"? And then you even have the people who really twist the mind with one sticker that is pro life, and then have something about killing right next to it. I mean, "what the FUCK???"

I try to use my fender as a sorce of deep moral issues and philosophies my self though. I think every one should know that clowns will eat people when they sleep. And it is just a public service that I tell people I run with scisors, I mean, hell, I would want to know if some one else was running with them so that I could get of the the way if I felt I did want to be in their path.

Amber said...

I agree, and warning cat owners of the atrocities you may perform on their pets is, also, only fair.
But I think you're most serious message will always be about squirrely wrath.

cassie d said...

i think bumper stickers are a good way to show that you are better than someone else. I'm not talking about bragging, here, but if i want to let someone know that my kid beat up your honor student - i think you have a right to know my kid kicks azz.

I also think it's a good way to show my intelligence. Not by just spouting my political views - but by telling people of who i am an alumni of. I also like to honk and wave at fellow alumni of Star Fleet Academy - we need to stick together.

And last, but not least, i HAVE to let everyone know that i try to be European by having my country sticker of my ancestry on the back. As if to say, i'm not REALLY from the USA, my family REALLY comes from 90 Shilling about 4 generations ago. This whole idea the America is a melting pot is untrue. Everyone is allowed to retain their heritage here, and NO ONE wants to assimilate. Heck, i don't even know what to assimilate TO!!!!

Laura said...

It bothers me that people talk of how much they love the environment but yet have PLASTIC bumper stickers all over there car... GET A CLUE!

S E E Quine said...

` Heh heh!

Denny said...

my favorite bumper sticker :
_______ = dim sum

Amber said...

ha, you're funny denny. What an old reference! You should come around more, we don't have enough beans lately.

Anonymous said...

Feel the Wrath of My Nutts!!!