I read the news today....

oh shit
Today is not so different from any other day
But somehow the sight of Stealth bombers flying above me while taking a smoke break made it feel worse.
Closer, more real. These things, they are happening right now, in my/our/your world.
People are building walls to keep people out, shooting each other, civil war, nuclear war, choosing who you can marry, telling us when we can have children, to stop thinking and shut-up, they know best. I tried looking for something uplifting, something of hope and sadly even poor Sir Paul is having a bad time of it these days.

Grande Cafe Mocha? $7.50
geranium babies
morality in 30 days?
troubled places

I did find one place you can find happier things:
some good animal stories

I am thinking that this time in history should really be spawning some amazing creativity. Isn't that how it works? In times of strife and hardship artists are inspired more by the human condition and it's will to persevere?
I sure as fuck hope so.


This and That said...

$7.50 mocha
...only a matter of time

German babies story
....disgusting and heartbreaking

Morality in 30 days
....yeah, that will work. 30 days to help soldiers deal with all the PTSD they will, or already have! please.

I also believe that it is obviously time for all us vocal people to get even more vocal about the insanity that is our world and gov't now. I think that mayan end of the world/shift in the world thing is coming earlier than 2012.

on that note, I need to go get me a mocha....

Amber said...

good thinking, mochas, let them drink mochas!
I share that sentiment on some level. But it's funny you say that about 2012, that is all my partner talks about these days.

S E E Quine said...


cassie d said...

first gas NOW COFFEE???


well hey, maybe the ethical training should be extended to regular civilians, seeing as how some people seem to think it's okay to burry babies in flower pots!

society on a whole is getting worse! Like in the new Batman Begins movie! Where's Ra's Al Ghul when you need him? Sometimes i think he had the right idea to rebuild....

S E E Quine said...

` I LIKED Batman Begins! At least it wasn't corny!!